Winter Safety Tips After Your Dad’s Stroke

A stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term disability. Per the American Heart Association, around 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year, approximately 146,000 people die from a stroke each year. Risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle, and being a smoker.

Your dad had a stroke. You’re not sure what to do to get his home ready for him this winter. The first step is to talk to his doctor about his care plan. He may spend time in the hospital recovering, or he may be able to come home if the right support team is in place.

Partner with his caregiving team. Listen to their recommendations and create a list of things to do to get his home ready for the winter. These are some of the most important steps to take.

Prepare the Bathroom

 Home Care Northbrook, IL: Seniors and Strokes

Bathing is going to take longer. If your dad’s bathroom is cooler and drafty, you need to get a bathroom-safe space heater to keep him warm while he bathes.

You want to make sure he has his shower chair set up in the tub or shower area. He needs a non-slip bath mat to keep the floor dry. Grab bars need to be installed in the bathing area and outside where he gets in and out. They should also be near the toilet.

Make Sure Boots and Winter Clothing Have a Storage Area

On stairs and in hallways, bulky boots and winter apparel must have a place for safe storage. If he doesn’t use something every day, it can go into a cupboard or closet.

Keep All Stairs and Walkways Shoveled and Deiced

After a snowstorm, stairs and walkways outside must be shoveled. Put down a deicing agent or sand to avoid your dad slipping if he needs to go out for an appointment or to get his mail. Have someone walk with him to ensure his safety while he’s outside.

Check the Heating System

Your dad may feel colder after his stroke. This can be especially true in the arm or leg that is less mobile than the other.

He may want his home warmer than he’s liked it in the past. If you find this is true, a space heater with a remote control helps save money on his heating bills. He can keep the room he’s in warmer than the rest of the house.

Hire 24-Hour Home Care Aides

What has your dad’s medical team told you? If they recommend around-the-clock caregivers, make sure someone is awake and ready to help out at all hours. If you’re the family caregiver and are staying at your dad’s home for now, you can’t be awake all day and night. It would help if you had a break.

With 24-hour home care services, you can sleep through the night while a professional caregiver is awake and ready to assist your dad as needed. Talk to a specialist in 24-hour home care to schedule services.

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