What Can Naturally Help Arthritis Pain?

When you start taking care of our elderly loved ones, you may notice that they suffer from problems that you don’t know much about. A senior may suffer from things like arthritis or other body pains that can be hard to manage without the right help. Seniors who live alone may try to ignore the pain, making it worse. If you don’t live with your seniors and they don’t want to impose on your life, it may be harder to tell if they’re suffering from anything. 


One of the best ways to ensure your senior is aging in place safely and taking care of themselves is by hiring home care providers. These are professionals who will help your seniors stay independent by encouraging them to do the right thing and may even help them go to and from doctor’s appointments that are necessary. Some home care providers may even help your elderly loved one cook foods approved by their doctor or help them stick to a routine that keeps them active and healthy while battling arthritis.


One of the worst things about arthritis is when a senior stops moving around. You may think moving less will limit inflammation, but it will increase inflammation, increase pain, and make it harder to move in the future. Arthritis-induced stiffness and discomfort in the joints may make regular activities difficult. Inflammation and disease progression may be controlled with conventional medicines, but you can also improve your quality of life using natural remedies. The following are eight simple home remedies for relieving pain.

Take Them for a Massage

Home Care Northbrook, IL: Arthritis Pain

 Home Care Northbrook, IL: Arthritis Pain

Your senior may already be on medication or have had surgeries, so maybe they need something more. Joint discomfort and stiffness may be reduced, and range of motion can be improved with gentle manipulation with moderate pressure. However, the right moment is critical. Take heed to your body’s cues. 

Slow Movements

Meditation, slow breathing, and gentle movement are all components of Tai chi. In addition to reducing joint discomfort, studies suggest that it increases range of motion and function and enhances overall well-being. This may also be an amazing way for a senior to move around and sneak in exercise without becoming overworked or exhausted. 

Try Doing More Yoga Together

Yoga is an Indian discipline that includes deep breathing, meditation, and physical postures. It has been demonstrated to alleviate joint pain and stiffness, enhance relaxation, and reduce tension. Encouraging your seniors to do 15-minute classes from YouTube or Prime may benefit their overall health. 

Controlling Weight

One pound of weight loss alleviates four pounds of strain on swollen, aching joints. Maintain a healthy weight with a combination of a balanced diet and frequent exercise. Ensure you choose foods from the five essential food categories (fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains). Five days each week, attempt to complete 30 minutes of low-impact exercise.

Encourage Them to go to Physical Therapy

Physical therapists may help alleviate pain and swelling in joints by using various techniques. Among these are manual treatment and advice on moving and positioning one’s body correctly. Supportive equipment like braces and splints and shoe inserts that reduce pressure on the lower limbs might be recommended by these professionals.

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Jamie Shapiro