Common Elderly Eye Conditions/Diseases

Are you caring for your elderly loved one? If so, are your worried about their vision or eye health? This is a very common concern that family caregivers of the elderly have. If this is something you worry about, it may be helpful for you to learn a bit more about the common elderly eye conditions/diseases. The more you can learn about these conditions and diseases, the more you and home care providers can help your elderly loved one to prevent or manage them. 

Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD

Home Care Northbrook, IL: Eye Health and Seniors

 Home Care Northbrook, IL: Eye Health and Seniors

Have you ever heard of age-related macular degeneration or AMD? This is an eye condition/disease that can damage central, sharp vision that is necessary for seeing things clearly. It also helps with reading, cooking, etc. If your elderly loved one has signs of AMD, they may need a dilated eye exam to diagnose the condition. The good news is that there are some treatments available to help manage the condition. There are also certain dietary supplements that can help to lower someone’s chances of getting AMD. You can learn more about these supplements through various studies and from some home care providers or your elderly loved one’s doctor. 

Diabetic Retinopathy 

What about diabetic retinopathy? Is this an eye condition that you have heard of in the elderly? It often occurs when someone has diabets. Generally, it will come about slowly and won’t have many, if any, early warning signs. If your elderly loved one has diabetes, it would be important to ensure they are getting a dilated eye exam at least once every year. They may also need help from you or home care providers to monitor their cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Sometimes, in the later stages of the disease, laser surgery can help to slow down the progression of the disease. 


Cataracts are cloudy spots in the lens of the eyes. These areas cause hazy, blurry vision. Sometimes, cataracts are smaller and don’t affect a person’s eyesight a lot. However, there are other times when cataracts are large and significantly reduce a person’s vision. Some senior citizens do need surgery to restore their vision. If your elderly loved one has cataracts or symptoms of them, be sure you or a home care provider take them to see their eye doctor. Hopefully, a treatment plan can be put into place very soon. 


Glaucoma is another eye condition/disease that happens when there is a lot of fluid pressure in the eye. If it isn’t treated promptly, your elderly loved one could have vision loss or become completely blind. Those who have glaucoma usually don’t have early pain or other symptoms. One of the best ways to test for and diagnose glaucoma early on is through yearly dilated eye exams. 


These are some of the most common elderly eye conditions and diseases. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, be sure to learn as much as you can about these conditions, so you can help to protect your elderly loved one’s eye health and vision. 

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