Poor Oral Care Increases the Risk of Certain Chronic Health Conditions

Did you know that gum disease and poor oral care increase the risk of several chronic health conditions? Many people are unaware of the risk. If your mom isn’t taking care of her teeth and gums, it’s time to address those risks with her.

Chronic Diseases With Ties to Gum Disease and Poor Oral Care

There are hundreds of different bacteria in the mouth. Some of them are known to increase inflammation that is tied to heart disease and stroke. Studies have discovered the bacteria found in the mouth within the fatty plaque that builds up in the arteries in people with heart disease.

Diabetes is an inflammatory health condition where blood sugars build up in the bloodstream. One issue that arises in

Senior Care Glenview, IL: Poor Oral Care

 Senior Care Glenview, IL: Poor Oral Care

people with diabetes is called dry mouth. Medications used to treat diabetes commonly cause dry mouth. This prevents enough saliva from forming, which allows bacteria in the mouth to thrive.

An ongoing study is trying to find a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Over 6,000 people participated in a study that looked at the build-up of oral bacteria in the beta-amyloid proteins that build up in the brain in people with Alzheimer’s.

What Should Your Mom Be Doing?

Some habits increase the risk of gum disease. If your mom smokes, she needs to try to quit. Talk to her doctor about smoking cessation products and therapy groups to help her. This is one of the best ways to improve her oral health.

Your mom needs to go for a dental exam and cleaning twice a year. If her dental insurance covers additional cleanings each year, she may be able to see her dentist every three months. That’s a great way to ensure she’s taking preventative steps to avoid gum disease.

Each day, she should brush her teeth after a meal. Your mom should be flossing her teeth at least once a day. Investing in a water flosser may make it easier for her to floss between teeth. An electric toothbrush is often easier for someone with arthritis to use. What if she can’t brush and floss without help?

Oral care is essential at any age. If your mom is having a harder time brushing and flossing her teeth due to cognitive impairment or joints in the hand being impacted by rheumatoid arthritis, she doesn’t have to miss out. Hire a senior home care aide to help your mom with oral care.

To arrange senior home care, go online or call an agency and answer a few questions about your mom’s health, needs, and situation. A care plan is signed, and you’ll learn more about pricing and scheduling in order to book services.

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