Storm Preparation Tips For Seniors

September is National Preparedness Month and with severe storms increasing around the country it’s a good time for seniors and their families to create an emergency plan and make sure that they are ready for a serious storm.

 Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other storms can cause flash floods and devastation just about anywhere. 

And seniors who are aging in place need to be prepared in case their homes are damaged, they lose power, or other emergencies happen as a result of a big storm. According to experts the best things that seniors and their families can do to prepare for storms are:

Get Home Care

Home Care Highland Park, IL: Storm Preparation Tips

 Home Care Highland Park, IL: Storm Preparation Tips

If you live far enough away from your senior parent that you wouldn’t be able to easily reach them if the roads were flooded or snowed in getting home care for your senior loved one is a smart thing to do. With home care your senior loved one won’t be alone. That means they won’t have to try and get through a major storm by themselves if you can’t reach them. With someone they trust there to take care of them you and your senior parent can be sure they will get the help and support they need in a crisis. 

Have Extra Water And Food Easily Accessible

If the power goes out, or roads are impassable it may not be possible to get to the store or for supplies to make it to your senior loved one. Start stocking up on water and non-perishable foods now so that your senior loved one will have the supplies they need in an emergency. An easy way to start getting supplies is to just buy an extra one or two of everything the next time you shop for your senior loved one. Buy one or two extra jugs of water. And one or two extra cans of soup or boxes of crackers. Buy extra tuna, canned chicken, and other items. Very quickly your senior loved one will have a nice stockpile of essentials. 

Plan Ahead For Medications

Medications may not be accessible during an emergency. It’s a good idea to get backup bottles of your senior loved one’s prescriptions and keep them with the disaster supplies. That way if your senior loved one is running low on medications or if their medications get destroyed in the storm they will still be able to access the medicine they need. If your senior loved one is diabetic look for a cold pack that will stay cold for a full 24 hours so that their insulin can be kept cold in an emergency. 

Make Sure There Is A Safe And Accessible Room In The House

Seniors can have a hard time getting to safety during an emergency because they move slowly and may be using walkers or canes. So it’s important that there is a room in the home set up as a safe space for them in an emergency. It should be an interior room with no windows that they can easily get to. Put food and water, medications, and other emergency supplies in that room so that your senior parent will be able to get what they need quickly.

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