4 Things Seniors Should Do Now To Winterize Their Homes

The seasons are changing, and the cold and wet weather is on its way. Seniors who are aging in place need to do some things to get their homes ready for the cold weather so that they can be comfortable throughout the winter. Now that winter is almost here seniors who are living at home should do these four things to get ready for the winter ahead:

Get Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care Deerfield, IL: Seniors and Winter Prep

Senior Home Care Deerfield, IL: Seniors and Winter Prep

Senior home care can help seniors stay comfortable and be happy at home during the cold winter months. A senior home care provider can be there so that seniors aren’t alone and have someone to talk with or hang out with. They can also help with house work, taking care of pets, and cooking. And they will help with errands and shopping so that seniors don’t have to do those tasks alone when the weather is bad. Seniors can benefit from home care all year long, but especially in the winter senior home care can make life a lot easier for seniors. 

Stock Up On Essentials

Going to the store isn’t fun when the weather is bad. And if you live in an area that tends to get a lot of snow you may not even be able to get to the store very often once winter arrives. Now is the time to stock up on canned goods, bottled water, soup mixes, and things that can be frozen like meat and frozen vegetables. Stocking up on the basics now also means that you’ll have plenty of cooking and baking supplies and you won’t have to worry about shortages of essentials during the holiday baking season. 

Invest In Warm Clothes And Blankets

Winters are getting colder. And heating costs are rising. Seniors should be investing in lots of warm sweaters, layering pieces like long sleeved cotton tee shirts, heavy duty socks, and cozy blankets to keep them warm. It’s also a good idea to replace the heating pad and buy some hand and foot warmers that can go into  pockets and boots to keep limbs warm if seniors have to go outside. Seniors really can’t have too many cozy clothes and blankets for the winter. Pets might also appreciate a couple of new warm beds. 

Get Emergency Supplies Ready 

Heavy snowfall can cause a lot of disruption, including pulling down power lines. Seniors should be ready in case there is an emergency power outage when it’s cold. A battery operated space heater is a must have item for seniors that don’t have a generator. So are candles, extra clothes and blankets, bottled water, foods that can be easily cooked over a campfire, and firewood for seniors that have a wood-burning fireplace. A firepit can be very useful for staying warm if the electricity goes out in the winter. Make sure that emergency supplies are all kept in a place that is easily accessible, preferably in a room on the main floor or in an attached garage.

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