Skilled Nursing Care: Learn More About Its Benefits

Your mom was out walking her dog around her yard and tore her calf muscle when her dog suddenly stopped. The tear was severe enough that she required surgery. While she recovers, she needs specific care that you’re not able to give. Have you considered skilled nursing care?

Skilled nursing care is a service where a nurse comes to your mom’s home to help with the medical care she needs during her recovery. Here are the benefits your mom gains from skilled nurses.

Medication Administration

Skilled Nursing Deerfield, IL: Benefits of Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing Deerfield, IL: Benefits of Skilled Nursing

A torn calf muscle is painful. Your mom’s doctor may require her to have prescription pain medications for a few days. A skilled nurse can administer those medications. If your mom needs IV fluids or antibiotics, the nurse can administer them after inserting the IV line.

If she’s on prescription pain medications, it’s not always easy to tell how they’ll affect her. When a nurse is with her, there’s a sense of comfort in knowing you’re not alone while you adjust to something new.

Wound Care

The surgery will have left an incision that needs care to prevent an infection. A skilled nurse can change bandages, check that it’s healing properly, clean the area, and dress it with new bandages.


Unless the muscle is badly torn, your mom’s doctor may advise against surgery. Your mom needs to carefully follow her doctor’s instructions to avoid worsening the injury.

She may need injections of corticosteroids to aid her healing muscle. Ask if that’s an option. A skilled nurse can inject medications as prescribed by the doctor and talk to your mom’s doctor with updates on how her recovery is going.

Vital Signs

As she recovers, her nurse will check her basic vital signs and update the doctor. This is especially important if she’s taking pain medications that can cause her blood pressure to drop. Her nurse will check her blood pressure and pulse and share the information with your mom’s medical team as directed.

Peace of Mind

When your mom is injured, you’re going to be impacted by stress. You’re going to worry about your mom as she heals, and you may not be able to be with her every second of the day. You’ll have peace of mind knowing she’s in great hands that have the medical knowledge and training needed to ensure her safety during recovery.

Physical Therapy

Finally, your mom is going to need to do some simple exercises to help her healing muscles. She needs to do them without causing further strain. Her nurse can help her do the stretches, ensuring she’s taking the breaks needed.

Does skilled nursing care sound right for your mom’s situation? Talk to her doctors about her recovery at home. As you gain insight into what she needs the most, make a call to get the prices and availability of skilled nurses in your mom’s area.

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