Our Guide to Home Health Care Services

Home care aides help your dad with her hygiene and grooming tasks, transportation, and housekeeping. What they cannot do is help your dad with things that are of a medical nature. That’s when you need to hire home health care nurses. Our guide shows what home health care services include.

Diabetes Management/Education

Home Health Care Deerfield, IL: Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care Deerfield, IL: Home Health Care Services

Your dad learned he has diabetes and needs help learning how to take care of himself properly. Home health care nurses can come to his home, teach him how to check his blood sugar levels, and learn how to choose suitable meals and snacks. He’ll learn how to administer insulin as needed, too.

IVs and Injections

If your dad needs an injection or to have an IV line set up, his nurse can do it in his home. It helps him avoid a trip to a clinic or hospital for IV antibiotics or medication injections when he has an infection or is experiencing chronic pain due to his worsening health.

He may need an IV of fluids due to dehydration or some ringer’s lactate when his blood pressure is too low. He could get that in a hospital setting. If it’s expected due to a health issue and he has a nurse monitoring his vital signs, that IV can be administered at his home.

Medication Administration

Your dad is on medications that must be carefully administered. When it’s time for a dose, the nurse can administer it orally, through an IV, or through an injection. If your dad is given a prescription for pain medications, his nurse will carefully monitor the doses to ensure he doesn’t take them too often and that he’s tapering his use over time.

Physical Therapy

After a fall, your dad fractured his leg and requires physical therapy for a few weeks. Instead of having to arrange rides and get him to his therapy appointments, have a physical therapist visit his home. As he regains strength and mobility, he can start going to his appointments again.

Vital Signs

Home health care nurses can take your dad’s pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels each day. They can check his temperature and report to his medical team. If anything seems off, his nurse and doctor will consult on what happens next.

Wound Care

Nurses can come to your dad’s home to clean and bandage his healing wounds. He had surgery and has a healing incision. His nurse can clean those incisions and check for signs of infection. If there are issues, his nurse will consult with doctors and determine if he should go on antibiotics or return to the hospital.

Make sure your dad has the support he needs from a medical professional. Before your dad comes home from the hospital, or after he learns he has a serious health issue, ask his doctor about home health care services that will help him.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Health Care in Deerfield, IL, contact the caring staff at Companion Services of America today at (847) 943-3786. Our home care service area includes Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Evanston, Des Plaines, Skokie, Lake Forest, Wilmette and the surrounding areas.

Jamie Shapiro