Listening to music every day benefits your mom and dad in so many ways. Studies prove that music offers incredible benefits for your cognitive, emotional, and physical health. Here are seven ways music does improve your parents’ lives. 

Anxiety Decreases

 Senior Care Glenview, IL: Benefits of Music

When you listen to music, you forget about things beyond the music. The more you listen to music, the more the anxiety washes away. That helps with your mental and emotional health.

Blood Pressure Lowers

Classical music is especially good at helping lower blood pressure. It doesn’t drop the numbers significantly, but it does help with small decreases, which is good for the arteries. Part of this is due to the benefit of music on stress and anxiety.

Memory and Cognitive Skills Increase

There’s a reason caregivers often put on music to entertaining and change the mood of someone with Alzheimer’s. Music can help improve cognitive skills and boost memory.

When you listen to music, the brain kicks in to memorize the lyrics, the melody, and the rhythm. All of this exercises different areas of the brain. It helps strengthen speech, processing speed, and memory.

Pain Decreases

A Scottish study looked at more than 300 people with chronic pain. Those in this study listened to music to better control their pain without relying on medications. Two out of ten people admitted to using music as a means of controlling the pain.

Physical Activity Is Easier

Think about your last workout. If you didn’t have music going, was it harder to stay motivated? When you work out to a beat, it’s easier to be engaged and energized. You have a rhythm to match, which can make your exercise routine more fun.

Sleep Quality Improves

Studies involving quality of sleep and music are ongoing. Some studies find music can help you de-stress and reduce anxiety, leading to a better night’s sleep.

After looking at the different types of music people were using as a sleep aid, songs with a low tempo tended to be the most helpful. These songs didn’t have much of a tempo change and used soft, smooth sounds, such as soft jazz.

Visual Alertness Heightens

Visual impairment following a stroke is found to be improved when listening to music. A study of 19 stroke patients had them listening to unpleasant music, soothing music, or white noise.

Eye movements were then studied when the patients were given a picture scanning test, a line bisection test, and a star cancellation test. The patients that listened to soothing music all scored higher than the other two groups.

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