Is your elderly loved one bored lately? Maybe, they used to have things to do all the time. However, now that they aren’t working, it seems to be difficult for them to stay busy or have fun. This is normal for elderly people, but that doesn’t mean your loved one just has to sit home and not do anything. In fact, there are many great hobby ideas for the elderly. You or an elder care provider should share these ideas with your elderly loved one to see if they would be interested in doing them.

Dance and Fitness

 Elder Care Evanston, IL: Hobby Ideas

Two of the hobbies that your elderly loved one might be interested in are dance and fitness. There are so many different types of dance classes that your elderly loved one could take. For example, many elderly people enjoy learning how to salsa or do the tango. Some elderly people want to learn how to line dance. Your elderly loved one might also be interested in taking up fitness as a hobby. There are many safe exercises for elderly people. Some exercises that your elderly loved one might enjoy are yoga, water aerobics, and Zumba. It might be even more fun if you or an elder care provider did these with your elderly loved one.

Playing Sports

There are many elderly people who can’t play sports anymore. Their body just can’t keep up with most of the sports. However, there might be some sports that your elderly loved one is still able to do. You should see if your elderly loved one would be interested in going bowling, being on a swimming league, or playing a game of catch. These sports all get your elderly loved one moving, so they can be more fit and healthier. They are also fun and great hobbies to pursue.

Playing Board Games

Has your elderly loved one enjoyed playing board games in the past? This might be a hobby they would like to take up now. There are many board games and card games that your elderly loved one might enjoy. Some of these games that many elderly people play include checkers, Yahtzee, Skip-bo, Uno, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess. You and elder care providers can play these games with your elderly loved one. It might even be fun to host a game night with your elderly loved one.


If your elderly loved one seems bored, it might be because they don’t have a hobby in their life. The above-mentioned hobbies are ones that many elderly people take part in. Share these ideas with your elderly loved one to see if they might want to do these hobbies on a regular basis. They don’t have to choose just one. They can choose as many as they would like.

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