Signs Your Senior Parent Is Lonely

Companion Care at Home: Preventing Senior Loneliness in Buffalo Grove, IL

Loneliness and social isolation are more serious for seniors than you might think. According to the CDC seniors who are lonely can have a 50% higher risk of dementia than other seniors. And being lonely also increases a senior’s risk of heart attacks, strokes, and premature death. Loneliness also contributes to depression and anxiety in…

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Easy Ways for Seniors to Get Protein Outside of Meat

Home Care Assistance: Protein Alternatives for Seniors in Skokie, IL

Seniors need a certain amount of protein because it helps them build and maintain muscle mass. However, for many reasons some seniors don’t really love meat. You may think it will be harder to figure out how to get them the necessary amount of protein when they won’t eat meat, but the truth is there…

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Understanding Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema: Impact on Senior Health

Senior Home Care: Chronic Respiratory Diseases in Wilmette, IL

Respiratory health is a major worry for many seniors. As such, emphysema and chronic bronchitis are two prevalent respiratory diseases that can have a major impact on people’s lives. It is essential for improved management and quality of life for seniors to comprehend the distinctions between these illnesses and how they affect them. With help…

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What Role Does Home Care Play in Post-Hospital Care for Seniors?

Post-Hospital Care: Recovery at Home in Highland Park, IL

After seniors are released from the hospital, home care is essential to their recuperation and rehabilitation. Regaining their regular routine can be difficult for many older people, particularly those who have had surgery or experienced a major health catastrophe. Seniors who need help regaining their strength and independence in the comfort of their own homes…

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Recognizing Changes and Understanding Seniors’ Appetites

Skilled Nursing: Senior Appetites Changes in Glenview, IL

Our bodies change as we age, causing modifications to our overall health, taste, and smell, as well as alterations in metabolism. For this reason, keeping a healthy appetite is important for senior well-being since it affects their food intake and general quality of life. In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of senior appetites…

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Four Ways a Visiting Home Care Aide Improves Life for an Aging Senior Struggling with Everyday Activities

Home Care: Senior Everyday Activities in Wilmette, IL

A home care aide is such a valuable asset for aging seniors, but too often they are overlooked. Many Americans have misconceptions about what home care is, what it offers, and what it can provide to elderly men and women. Or they simply don’t know. Unfortunately, when some people don’t know much about a topic,…

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Caring for Pets During Senior Cancer Treatment

Home Care Assistance: Senior Pets in Des Plaines, IL

Many seniors choose to age in place and adopt furry friends to care for. Pets can be fantastic for mental and physical health, and if your senior can take care of a little friend, it can truly help their quality of life. Unfortunately, as a person ages, they may start to suffer from disease and…

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Secrets to Lowering Your Stress as a Senior

Personal Care at Home: Lowering Senior Stress in Lake Forest, IL

There are so many things to stress about as you get older. Bills pile up, house chores seem never-ending, and on top of it all, your body starts to do less and less. You may feel like being elderly has limited your options for how you want to live and enjoy the rest of your…

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