5 Ways To Keep Your Mom From Being Bored at Home

Companion care at home services helps seniors from getting bored at home.

Companion care at home services helps seniors from getting bored at home.

If your senior mom is living independently and getting bored at home, there are lots of things that she can do to stay engaged and have fun. Seniors who live at home can enjoy many fun activities.

One of the challenges that seniors face living independently is that they can become bored because they don’t have someone to do activities with. Companion care at home is a great solution. It provides regular visits from a friendly companion who can play games, do activities, and help your mom with things like running errands.

If you’re worried that your mom is at risk of becoming lonely, bored, or socially isolated because she’s living, call to learn more about companion care at home today.

And use these tips to help her avoid being bored at home:


Encourage Hobbies and Interests

Help your mom rediscover old hobbies or explore new ones. Whether it’s painting, gardening, knitting, or playing a musical instrument, engaging in activities she enjoys can provide fulfillment and mental stimulation. There are online lessons and videos that can help your mom learn a new hobby that she’s interested in even if she can’t easily leave the home. Companion care at home providers can help seniors discover or rediscover hobbies and activities.


Help Her Make Virtual Social Connections

These days, building friendships and relationships online is easier than ever. Your mom can join a virtual book club, participate in online discussions, and meet new friends through social media. Video chats, Zoom group meetings, and other virtual interactions can give your mom a new sense of purpose and some new friends to talk with.


Help Her Find Volunteer Opportunities

Many seniors find purpose and fulfillment through volunteering. Help your mom explore volunteer opportunities in her community that align with her interests and abilities. She can even volunteer from home if it’s too difficult for her to get out of the house. Lots of charities need people who can take phone calls or chat online with people.


Help Her Go Back To School

There are hundreds of online classes, lectures, and videos your mom can access, most of which are free. She can study any topic that interests her and meet other people who share those interests online. Libraries also offer free digital materials that can be accessed through a tablet or computer. With so many free online classes, videos, and virtual learning opportunities, your mom can keep learning for years to come. Along with companion care at home services, learning topics and skills are great ways to stimulate critical thinking and mental wellness.


Help Her Play Video Games

Video games might seem like an unusual hobby for seniors. Seniors are one of the largest age groups playing video games. Video games allow seniors to make friends and keep their cognitive skills strong. Seniors can improve their hand/eye coordination, solve puzzles, and have a lot of fun playing video games. There are so many different styles of video games out there that your mom should have no trouble finding a type of video game that interests her.



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Jamie Shapiro