6 Ways to Say Thanks on Caregiver Appreciation Day

Caregiver Appreciation Day: Home Care Assistance Highland Park IL

Caregiver Appreciation Day: Home Care Assistance Highland Park IL

March 3rd is one of two yearly Caregiver Appreciation Days. It’s a day designed to thank your family’s unpaid or paid caregiver. Is one of your siblings taking care of your dad throughout the week? Here are six of the best ways to say thanks and offer your appreciation.

Help Out for a Day or Two

Do you even know everything your sister does to help your dad? Offer to help out for a day and experience it for yourself. Not only will she appreciate having an extra person to help out, but it gives you insight into how much care your dad requires.

Ask your sister what she doesn’t enjoy doing. When possible, take over those chores while you’re helping out. If she hates washing dishes, make that your chore. If she is tired of cooking, take over meal preparation while you’re helping.

Buy the Caregiver’s Favorite Item

Do you know what your sibling likes? Purchase something in that category. For example, you know your sister is an avid reader. You could surprise her with a new e-reader and several books by her favorite authors.

If you know she loves gardening, you could get her flowers. Even better, get her some seeds and materials to get seedlings started in time for spring’s arrival.

Treat the Caregiver to Dinner

Take your sister out to dinner. Have someone sit with your mom and bring her to her favorite restaurant. Let her order whatever she wants. If she’s not likely to go out for a night, pick up takeout from her favorite restaurant and bring dinner to her.

Give a Gift Certificate

What stores does your sister love? Get her gift certificates to them. If you get several, she can shop at different stores and purchase items from the different categories on her wishlist.

She may prefer having gift certificates for things she has to buy all of the time. Gift cards for her favorite grocery store, discount retailer, or gas station help her save money.

Pay for a Weekend Away

When was the last time your sister got to take a vacation? Consider paying for her to have a weekend away. Book a hotel room for two nights, buy gift cards to area restaurants, and arrange transportation if necessary.

You don’t even have to arrange to have your sister go to a hotel in another area. You could look for a quaint B&B in a neighboring town and book a night in a suite where she has a soaking tub and meals prepared for her.

Arrange Home Care Services

When your dad could use a helping hand to stay independent in his home, a professional caregiver is a great partner to have available. Your family can help your dad as much as you want, but you’re able to take breaks thanks to home care assistance.

Talk to an agency to learn more about the prices and services available with home care assistance. It makes a difference when self-care is part of your dad’s overall care routine.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Assistance in Highland Park, IL, contact the caring staff at Companion Services of America today at (847) 943-3786. Our home care service area includes Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Evanston, Des Plaines, Skokie, Lake Forest, Wilmette and the surrounding areas.

Jamie Shapiro