There are certain times and scenarios in which it’s not just important to talk to your senior about her continuing to drive, but it’s absolutely crucial. Some of these may be more frightening than others for either of you. Putting off the conversation is not going to help, but recognizing when things are becoming urgent does. 

When Your Senior’s Vision Is Failing

Home Care Highland Park, IL: Driving and Elderly Seniors

Your senior’s eyesight is a crucial part of being able to drive safely. If she can’t see well, that creates a problem while she’s driving. Even if she only has problems seeing during certain conditions, like during rainy weather or at night, that’s a big problem. Talk to your senior about getting her vision checked and about what it might mean if her vision is changing too much for her to be able to continue to be safe on the road. 

When Her Doctor Says She Needs to Stop Driving 

What does your senior’s doctor have to say about her continuing to drive? There are a lot of health conditions that don’t hinder her ability to drive, but if your senior is experiencing cognitive changes or if she’s dealing with health issues that could cause her to have problems behind the wheel, her doctor is likely to speak up. You may want to ask her doctor directly whether she’s still cleared to drive. 

When Your Senior Is Getting Tickets 

Something else to think about is whether your elderly family member seems to be getting a lot of tickets lately. Moving violations, accidents, and other traffic violations are a bigger deal than you or she might think. They could indicate that she’s physically having trouble driving, that she’s making poor choices behind the wheel, or both. Regardless, this increase in tickets is a bad sign. 

When Your Senior Has Her License Taken Away 

The worst-case scenario might have to be if and when your senior’s license is either suspended temporarily or permanently revoked. That’s a situation that your elderly family member isn’t going to be able to control or convince you to waffle about. Making changes before that point is going to be really important, especially in terms of preserving your senior’s ability to choose what happens next. 

Have an alternative option available when you and your senior discuss her continuing to drive. Hiring home care providers ensures that your senior can still go where she wants, but safely.   

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