Summer is a time when people are outside. But, insects that bite and sting are also out in number. Your parents love to work outside in their gardens. If they do get bitten or stung by an insect, how do you treat them? These tips will help.  


Home Care in Highland Park, IL:Treating Stings and Insect Bites

Depending on the area your parents live in, most spider bites will simply be painful. Wearing gardening gloves can prevent some bites. If there are poisonous spiders in that region, seek medical care to see if an antivenom treatment is needed. 



Tick bites can be dangerous due to the diseases some ticks carry. Use an insect repellent that contains DEET or permethrin. It’s important to fully remove a tick within 24 hours of the bite. A small device that gently pries the embedded tick from the skin is ideal. Do not use alcohol or dish soap to smother it. Don’t use a match and burn it. That can lead to the tick regurgitating its stomach contents into the bite.  



Avoiding a sting is best, but it’s not always possible. If your parent is stung by a bee, remove the stinger and sac with tweezers. Wasps and hornets won’t leave a sac. Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread that on the sting. 

If your mom or dad has an allergy to bee stings, use the Epi-Pen and seek medical care. If you’re not aware of an allergy, watch for signs of allergic reaction like difficulty breathing and dizziness. 



Mosquito bites are one of the worst. They swell and itch. Scratching them makes the itchiness worse. Dabbing the bite with ammonia as soon after being bitten will help with swelling. An insect repellent will keep them from biting. Light colored clothing with long sleeves, a hood, and long pants also help prevent some of the bites. 

Try to avoid peak hours for mosquitoes if possible. In a really wet season, they may appear all day. Typically, they’ll only be out and active in the early morning hours and when the sun is setting. 


Biting Flies 

Horse flies, deer flies, black flies, and gnats are common problems in warmer weather. They can also be incessant. Bug spray will help keep them from biting. If they do, it’s important to clean the bite and put on an ointment that will kill any germs.  

If your parent is bitten by an insect that carried a disease like West Nile virus or Lyme disease, your parent may develop flu-like symptoms. Talk to a doctor to see if a doctor’s visit is recommended. 

While they recover, home care services can help with housework, meals, and transportation. Call an agency to talk about home care rates and availability. 


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