It’s a sacred responsibility to help take care of someone that you love. It may feel so sacred, in fact, that the idea of getting help even from other family members might feel off or incorrect to you. But the reality is that you’re only one human being and there’s only so much that you can do on your own. You may finally get to a point where you realize that you do need help. When is that point? 

Every Situation Is Different

Senior Care Northbrook, IL: Needing Real Help

It’s normal to want a definitive answer beyond “as soon as possible,” but the truth is that every caregiving situation is different. Your elderly family member’s needs are different from the needs of other seniors and what you’re able to do for her yourself is different from what other caregivers are able to do. That means you’re going to have to evaluate your situation yourself. 

It Feels Like You’re Okay, Until You Aren’t 

Very often, caregivers tend to think they’ve got it all well in hand. And in your case, you’re probably right. But there usually comes a time when things get a little out of control. Your senior might have a health situation flare up or you might have an injury or illness of your own. And suddenly, things don’t feel as okay anymore. 

Tasks and Needs Start Falling through the Cracks 

As you get more overwhelmed, you’re juggling things more. That ends up meaning that different needs aren’t getting met, tasks are falling by the wayside, and you’re always running to catch up. That’s a pretty lousy feeling and you may start to wonder what you’re doing being your senior’s caregiver in the first place. This is often when you might start to wonder if having help from senior care providers would be a good idea. 

Finally, You’re Worn Out 

If you keep waiting to make that decision, you run the risk of wearing yourself completely out. That’s not a good situation, either. You can inadvertently send yourself much closer to burning out and that could even take you out of caregiving completely. No one wants things to get to that point and if you’re close to that, you need to make a decision right away. 

Something to remember is that sometimes clichés are true, and they’re repeated often for a reason. The sooner that you seek out help as a caregiver, the better. There are a variety of ways that senior care providers can help to take care of your elderly family member and make caregiving easier for you. 


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