What to Consider before Getting a Pet for a Senior Loved One?

Elder Care Considerations In Northbrook, IL – 3 Important Things

Grace wanted a dog even though she required elder care. At first, her family thought that she was a little bit senile or dealing with what could be the beginning of dementia. In truth, Grace felt lonely, even with an elderly home care provider visiting her on a daily basis.

She had always enjoyed having a dog and missed the companionship that these pets offered.

Research has shown that having a pet can reduce blood pressure, hypertension, and other potential health problems, but there are certain things that need to be considered before getting a dog or cat for someone relying on any type of elderly home care.

  1. Who will care for the animal?

As Grace struggles to get around her house, she relies on a walker for the most part. Sometimes, depending on the day, she can get by with just a cane. As such, she would not be able to handle a large dog. She would not be able to take that dog for a walk and her property is not fenced in, so she would have to make some kind of accommodation.

For Grace, she has a grandson who lives just down the block and was willing to walk the dog every day, morning and evening, which is important. Over time, Grace would install a fence so that she could just let the dog out whenever it needed to go.

  1. What size is appropriate?

The larger a dog is, the harder it is going to be to handle. Even if the dog is in a fenced in yard, if there is an issue and the owner needs to get a leash on a dog, a large dog will pull someone like Grace without any effort. This can cause serious injury to Grace and possibly even the dog.

Elderly individuals may do better with small dogs.

  1. Know the breeder.

There are far too many breeders in the United States who take advantage of the system and raise cats and dogs and horrendous conditions. A dog that is raised on a puppy farm, for example, may end up having a lot of health issues. This might be too much for an elderly individual to handle, especially when they require care for themselves.

Study the breeder and make sure that they are AKC certified. September is AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month and when someone you know requires elder care and expresses interest in having a dog, don’t dismiss it out of hand. It can actually be a great thing for them.

Pets can give comfort as well as a safe feeling, so please do the research before saying NO to your senior getting a pet.

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Jamie Shapiro