What Should You Look for to Determine if Your Senior Needs Help?

If your elderly family member is doing her best to remain as independent as possible, she might not appreciate you asking if she needs help. She may even go out of her way to avoid the conversation. Spotting the signs of possible trouble helps you to plan ahead.

Changes in Physical Appearance

 Home Care Evanston, IL: Seniors and Needing Help

Your senior’s appearance can change in a variety of ways, and many of those changes can indicate that she’s having trouble. If she seems more untidy than usual, that might mean that hygiene is getting more difficult for her. Or if she’s wearing the same clothes over and over, she may be having trouble. Also, changes in her weight that are unintended could mean that she’s having issues.

Changes in Moods

Are her moods a little more unpredictable than usual? That can mean that your elderly family member is having issues elsewhere and they’re affecting how she’s feeling. She may also be getting too little sleep or poor-quality sleep, and that can dramatically affect her moods.

Difficulty with Mobility

If you notice that your elderly family member is having trouble walking, take that for the sign that it is. She may be experiencing changes to her health that are affecting her ability to continue to be mobile. Keep in mind that mobility also refers to her ability to drive, so look for signs that driving is more difficult.

Problems with Her Home

Your senior’s home can give you clues, as well. If she’s having more trouble keeping up with regular housekeeping tasks, that might be a sign that other things are more difficult, too. Having help from home care providers can be a tremendous help, especially if your senior is facing other challenges.

Signs She’s Having Trouble Eating Well

Keeping your senior healthy often starts with ensuring that she’s eating a healthy diet. If she’s experiencing weight changes or you’re seeing signs of expired foods in her home, that can mean that she’s not eating well at all. Elder care providers handling the cooking might be the easiest answer, and it’s a great way to ensure that your elderly family member is eating well and regularly.

Overall, it’s not a bad thing for your senior to need more help. Home care providers can enable your senior to enjoy her life more and to know that there’s someone there for her when she most needs that little bit of extra assistance.

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Jamie Shapiro