What Myths Does Your Senior Believe about Home Care?

One of the reasons that your elderly family member might resist having some extra help could be that she has some unrealistic beliefs about what that means for her.

That Home Care Is Only for Severe Situations

 Personal Care at Home in Des Plaines, IL: Myths About Home Care

Lots of people believe that elderly care services are all about helping people who are in severe situations. That’s not to say that home care doesn’t help in those cases, but your elderly family member doesn’t have to be in dire need before she gets help. Having personal care at home well before your senior is overwhelmed is really important for her well-being.

That Caregivers Only Offer Temporary Help

It’s also common for seniors to believe that this type of assistance is only temporary. Your elderly family member may only need temporary help, but if she needs small amounts of consistent help, that’s also something she can get. In-home care support is about meeting your senior where she is, with the help that she most needs.

That Care Providers Are There to Make Your Senior Do What They Want Her to Do

Is your senior the independent type? She might be worried that people helping her are going to expect her to follow a rigid set of instructions. But that’s not what this type of assistance is about. It’s about helping her to live her best life, not about making her follow arbitrary rules.

That She’ll Have No Privacy

Your senior may need help with tasks like getting dressed or bathing and that can cause her to feel as if she won’t have any privacy at all. Personal care at home is about making sure that your senior’s needs are met and that her dignity and her privacy are preserved as much as possible.

That This Is a Replacement for You

Another big concern for your senior might be that now that she has help from senior care providers that you won’t ever be there with her. That doesn’t have to be the case at all, especially if your senior needs more specialized help and you just want to make sure that all of her needs are met.

Sometimes what needs to happen is that your senior just has to experience having help for herself. Once she is able to see exactly what having help can do for her, she’s better able to relax and let people give her the assistance she needs.

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Jamie Shapiro