What Does Home Care Offer That Helps Your Dad as He Ages?

Your dad is getting older, which raises concerns when it comes to him remaining independent in his home. It’s hard to check in with him more than a couple of times a month, and that’s just not enough. Have you considered the benefits of home care?

He Enjoys Scheduled Visits

Home Care Buffalo Grove, IL: Home Care and Seniors

Home Care Buffalo Grove, IL: Home Care and Seniors

Your dad lives alone, and he doesn’t always have people stopping by. He gets lonely, and that means he spends a lot of time calling you when you’re trying to work. You can’t take his calls, which makes you feel bad.

Home care aides to stop by on a schedule and provide the companionship your dad needs. If he wants to go out shopping, to a museum, or to an event at a senior care center.

Someone Else Cooks His Meals

Home care aides come to your dad’s home and cook his meals. He’ll be able to discuss what he’d like to eat. You can go over any dietary restrictions when you arrange meal preparation services. With this information, the caregiver cooks meals that match your dad’s tastes and needs.

If he needs items at the store, he can have the caregiver help create a shopping list. His caregiver can join him on that outing and assist by reading labels, helping him carry items, and assisting him at the checkout.

His Caregiver Can Help With Scheduling

Your dad has a hard time using online schedulers with his doctors or dentists. He can’t figure out how to order prescription refills. His caregiver can help with this.

His Home Is Clean

Your dad’s caregiver can do all of the housekeeping chores. Not only will the caregiver cook meals, but his kitchen and dishes are cleaned before the caregiver leaves for the day. Caregivers will vacuum, sweep, water plants, and take out the trash and recycling.

His caregiver can change his dirty sheets, replace his towels, and wash all of that with your dad’s dirty clothing. Once dried, his caregiver folds items and puts everything away.

He Has Rides

Your dad’s not supposed to drive due to past health issues or the side effects of his prescriptions. His caregivers can drive him around. He’ll have a ride to his optometrist’s office. He has transportation to his doctor’s check-ups and dental cleanings and exams.

If there are special events at community centers or libraries, his caregiver can take him. If he is feeling housebound and wants to get out. He has a caregiver who can take him out for lunch or for a scenic drive.

Home care is an important component when it comes to aging safely. Before you talk to an advisor, create a list of questions you and your dad have. It helps to get all of the information you need to ensure you’re getting all of the services your dad needs.

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Jamie Shapiro