Tips to Protect Your Elderly Loved One from Falling

One of the common concerns amongst family caregivers is that their elderly loved one will fall. There are many injuries that occur every year from elderly people falling down. Many of these falls happen right in their own home. If this is something that you are worried about, there are some tips to protect your elderly loved one from falling. Keep reading to find out what these tips are today.

Getting a Routine Eye Exam

 Elderly Care Evanston, IL: Protecting from Falls

One of the common causes for falls in the elderly population is vision issues. For instance, if your elderly loved is nearsighted, but they don’t know this, it can cause them to have difficulty seeing. This might lead to them tripping over a carpet. If you or an elderly care provider believe that your elderly loved one is experiencing vision issues, be sure to get them an eye exam. The elderly should be getting routine eye exams anyways to help prevent these types of issues.

Improving Their Strength

There are many different exercises that can help to prevent falls in your elderly loved one. Most of these exercises are based on strengthening the body. The stronger your elderly loved one’s body is, the less likely they will be to trip and fall. It is recommended that the elderly work on strengthening the muscles in their legs first. This will help them to build up their balance. From there, you can help your elderly loved one to set up a strength-training exercise routine with their doctor’s approval. Then, you and their elderly care providers can encourage them to do these exercises.

Getting a Check-Up from Their Doctor

There are also many health issues that could cause your elderly loved one to fall. Diabetes, side effects from medications, vitamin deficiencies, and other health issues can lead to falls in the elderly. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important for your elderly loved to get check-ups from their doctor. If there is something going on, the doctor will find out about it. Then, the proper treatment or changes can be made to help improve your elderly loved one’s health. When these things are done, it can greatly reduce your elderly loved one’s risk of falling.


These are just some of the tips to protect your elderly loved one from falling. With these tips, you won’t have to worry so much about your loved one falling and getting hurt. Their body will be stronger and they will be healthier. If there were any health issues happening, your elderly loved one’s doctor will do what they can to get those under control. This is also going to help prevent falls in your loved one. If there does happen to be something that can’t be controlled or treated, you can hire elderly care providers to provide more care for your loved one.


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Jamie Shapiro