Tips to Help Elderly Handle Life-Changing Diagnosis

Was your elderly loved one recently given a life-changing diagnosis? Maybe, it was dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, or another illness. No matter what it might be, your elderly loved one is understandably worried and fearful of what their life is going to be like now. There are, however, some tips that you and home care providers can use to help them handle the diagnosis easier. You can also get companion care at home services, so the providers can be with your elderly loved one when they need support. 

Talking to Friends and Family

Companion Care at Home in Deerfield, IL: Life-Changing Diagnosis

 Companion Care at Home in Deerfield, IL: Life-Changing Diagnosis

When your elderly loved one first finds out about their life-changing diagnosis, they are likely going to want to talk to whoever will listen. This might be their friends, family members, home care providers, neighbors, or anyone else really. The most important thing you can do for your elderly loved one during this time in their life is to just listen. 

Going to Therapy

Another support that your elderly loved one could have to help them deal with this life-changing diagnosis is the therapist. Most likely, they will have also been given a list of support groups they can attend, as well. You should encourage them to attend these groups to get even more support and care. The therapy sessions would be great if your elderly loved one needs an outside perspective or if they have things they don’t want to discuss with family members or friends. 

Receiving Companion Care at Home Services

Another great tip to help your elderly loved one deal with the disease or disorder they were diagnosed with is for them to receive companion care at home services. These services can benefit your elderly loved one in numerous ways such as:

  • Having someone around so they don’t feel lonely
  • Getting transportation to and from their appointments
  • Being able to spend time with someone whenever they want
  • Having someone around they can vent to

Dealing with a life-changing diagnosis can be tough, especially when someone feels like they are all alone. The senior care providers that come to your elderly loved one’s home can be there for them when it matters the most. 

Getting Organized

The other way that you and elder care providers can help your elderly loved one is to get them organized. This could include:

  • Making routines
  • Setting up a calendar for appointments
  • Decluttering their home to reduce stress

All these things can help your elderly loved one to feel less overwhelmed when handling this life-changing diagnosis. 


These are some of the best tips to help your elderly loved one handle the life-changing diagnosis. Now that you know about these tips, be sure to start helping your elderly loved one manage this disease or disorder better from this point on. Don’t forget you can always get companion care at home services for your elderly loved one to give them even more support, as well. 

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Jamie Shapiro