Tips for Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Connected in the Community

Research shows that elderly people who stay connected with their community are less likely to have health issues such as chronic pain. The good news is that most communities offer senior citizen activities and other fun events. You can check with recreation programs, local churches, and senior citizen centers in your loved one’s area to see what would work best for them.

Joining Groups

One of the best things for the elderly to do when trying to stay connected is to join groups. There are many groups that you or home care providers can help your elderly loved one to find. Some of the groups your loved one might enjoy include:

  • Book club

     Personal Care at Home in Lake Forest, IL: Staying Connected

  • Knitting group
  • Writing club
  • Hobby interest groups
  • Recreational center programs
  • Volunteering groups

Groups can give your elderly loved one the socialization they need. The other group members can also provide your elderly loved one with stability and fun. Being a part of groups can also give your elderly loved one their sense of community back.

Encourage Volunteering

Your elderly loved one might benefit from volunteering. Not only will they be able to help others, but volunteering can help your loved one to get a sense of community. Connecting with others who are volunteering is a great way to socialize, learn about others, and learn about themselves, too. Some of the places your elderly loved one might want to volunteer include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Local parks
  • Community events
  • Soup kitchen
  • Food pantries

If needed, you can get personal care at home services for your elderly loved one. The elder care providers can drive your loved one to their volunteering gigs.

Fostering Pets

Your elderly loved one might enjoy fostering pets. There are many pets that need a temporary home until they can find a permanent home. If your elderly loved one enjoys having animals in their house, this could be a great option for them. They can help to keep an animal healthy until helping a family get their new best friend.


These are some of the ways to keeping your elderly loved one connected in the community. Now that you know about these options, you can find out what your elderly loved one wants to do. Don’t forget, you can always get personal care at home services for your loved one if they need transportation into the community. In addition, the elderly care providers can help your loved one make a plan for what community events or activities they want to partake in.

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Jamie Shapiro