The Challenges Of Aging In Place For Seniors

Senior home care helps seniors age in place safely.

Senior home care helps seniors age in place safely.

If your senior mom or dad wants to age in place, they’re not alone. Polls by AARP and other organizations show that more than 90% of seniors want to remain in their homes as they age.

There are some proven benefits that seniors get from aging in place. Staying in a home they love can improve their mental and physical health. But there are some challenges that come with aging in place, too.

Senior home care providers can make aging in place much easier and safer for seniors. Senior home care is the perfect solution for seniors who want to live alone but may need help with household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

Senior home care can help seniors deal with the challenges of aging in place, like:


Isolation and Loneliness

Living alone can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if your senior mom or dad has limited social interactions. This can affect their mental health, leading to depression and anxiety. If your senior parent has lost their partner or spouse in the last year, they may have an even higher risk of depression. But support from a senior home care giver can make a big difference in preventing loneliness if your senior parent is living at home.


Health Issues

Managing chronic health conditions becomes more challenging without regular assistance. Seniors may struggle with medication management, attending medical appointments, or recognizing early signs of health issues. That’s why senior home care is strongly recommended for seniors who are living at home as they age. Having support and help from a regular caregiver can make living with chronic illnesses easier for seniors.


Mobility and Falls

Limited mobility increases the risk of falls and injuries. Without someone around to help, recovering from a fall or getting immediate assistance can be difficult and dangerous. Many smart technology gadgets, cameras, and other tools exist to help seniors live alone safely. Seniors can use those tools in conjunction with senior home care to stay safe.


Nutrition and Meal Preparation

Seniors living alone might have trouble preparing nutritious meals, leading to poor diet and malnutrition. Physical limitations or lack of motivation can result in skipping meals or relying on unhealthy options. But, if your senior mom or dad has senior home care, they can share healthy, delicious meals with their care provider.


Access to Transportation

When seniors stop driving, they often worry about maintaining their independence. Taxis and rideshares are options, but not great options for most seniors. Lack of access to reliable transportation can limit a senior’s ability to run errands, attend social activities, or make medical appointments.


A home care provider can help your mom or dad arrange transportation to appointments. Or, they can take your mom or dad where they need to go. Shopping, errands, medical appointments, and other appointments will be easier with senior home care. Call today to learn more about how senior home care can help your mom or dad continue living independently.



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