The Biggest Benefits Of Home Health Care For Seniors

If you ask your senior loved one and many other seniors why they want to age in place they would probably say that they want the freedom and independence of living the way they want to live as get older. Home health care is one of the ways that seniors can compromise between getting the help and health care that they need and living independently.

 The biggest benefit of home health care is that it helps seniors maintain their independence by giving them tools they can use to stay healthy. With home health care a trained medical professional will come to the house and do things like check your senior loved one’s vital signs, check their blood pressure, manage their medication, and make sure that they are making healthy choices. Some of the other benefits of home health care for seniors are:

No Medical Appointments

Home Health Care Northbrook, IL: Benefits of Home Health Care

Home Health Care Northbrook, IL: Benefits of Home Health Care

For seniors that no longer drive, getting out to the doctor’s office can be a real problem. Often family caregivers have to take off work and spend the entire day driving around or arrange transportation for their senior loved one to and from the doctor’s office. And routine medical appointments for things like a blood pressure check can be over in less than ten minutes even though they took hours to get ready for. With home health care seniors can get basic medical care and evaluations at home so that they don’t need to get dressed, drive or find a ride to the medical office, and wait for a long time for an appointment. They can get basic medical care right at home from a trained medical professional. 

Symptom Tracking

If your senior loved one is having new symptoms or medical problems they can discuss those problems with the care provider who will then make note of the symptoms. Over time the care provider can track and provide a record of the symptoms which will help a doctor find out what the problem really is. When your senior loved one goes to the doctor to get their opinion on what is causing the new symptoms they can bring the notes from the care provider to help the doctor understand what is going on.

Expert Opinion

If your senior loved one loves to share their medical opinion and insists that their symptoms really are just nothing it can help to have the backup of a home health care provider who has medical experience. The care provider can give their expert opinion on your senior loved one’s symptoms and what they could mean so that your senior loved one isn’t dismissing symptoms that need to be checked out by a doctor. 

 Help With Medical Devices

When your senior loved one has home health care they will get the help they need to operate any medical devices or adaptive devices that they have been using before. Things like canes, walkers, sleep apnea machines, and supplemental oxygen machines will be operated by someone who really knows what they are doing and can show you and your senior loved one how to use them properly.

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Jamie Shapiro