The Biggest Benefits of Companion Care For Seniors

 Seniors overwhelmingly prefer to age in place. And getting older at home where they are comfortable can have a lot of benefits for seniors. But one of the things that seniors who are aging at home have to be careful about is becoming isolated. 

Social isolation and depression are rampant among seniors and both can have a big impact on a senior’s health. Family caregivers often worry about their senior parent being lonely or isolated. But it’s not always feasible for family members to spend as much time with a senior parent as they want. That’s where companion care at home can help your senior parent. Companion care at home provides your senior loved one with significant benefits like:


Companion Care at Home Northbrook, IL: Benefits of Companion Care

 Companion Care at Home Northbrook, IL: Benefits of Companion Care

Just having a simple conversation can keep seniors connected to the world and interested in life. A companion who provides care for your senior loved one can discuss movies, TV, music, current events, books, and other subjects that your senior might be interested in. Together they can read and discuss books, talk about old movies, or just talk about their lives. You may find that your senior loved one starts to reengage with the world in a positive way when they have regular visits with a companion. 


It can be extremely difficult for seniors to make friends. Seniors often find that their friends have passed away, or are far away, or are just not interested in pursuing a friendship that may have waned years ago. When a senior parent loses their spouse they can find that not having friends is very difficult. Companion care at home takes the worry and guesswork out of making friends for seniors. Their companion is a friend they can depend on to be there for them, to show up regularly, and to support them emotionally. 

An Activity Partner

Often family caregivers need to work or care for children during the day so they aren’t free to do activities with their senior parent or take them places. With a companion your senior loved one can go shopping, go out to lunch, go on day trips, to go art galleries or museums, or go for a walk. Your senior parent may finally try some activities they have always wanted to try but never did like making pottery, painting, or quilting when they have someone to do activities with. 

Someone To Share Meals With

Too often seniors will skip meals because they don’t want to eat alone. If your senior parent has lost their spouse they may find it difficult to eat alone after eating with someone they could talk to and share things with every day. When your senior loved one has a companion that they can cook and share meals with they are much more likely to eat regular meals, eat healthy meals, and enjoy their meals again. Talk to your senior parent to see if they could benefit from having a friend to help them enjoy social activities.

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Jamie Shapiro