The Best Social Activities For Seniors

Did you know that a seniors who are lonely or socially isolated can have a higher chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, and having a stroke? It’s true, social isolation can be a big problem for seniors. October is Emotional Wellness Month and it’s the perfect time to find ways to help your senior loved one be more connected and less isolated from the world. According to studies nearly a fourth of all seniors over the age of t 65 are socially isolated or at risk of social isolation. And as seniors age in place their risk of isolation goes up. To combat loneliness you should encourage your senior to get out of the house and be more active socially and physically. Some of the best social activities that seniors can do are:

Volunteer Work

 24-Hour Home Care in Deerfield, IL: Social Activities and Seniors

Volunteering is a fantastic way for seniors to find purpose and meaning as well as giving them the chance to build strong friendships. Seniors who volunteer have a reason to get up every day, friends and colleagues to connect with, and something to do to fill their time. And there are thousands of organizations that rely on volunteers so no matter what your senior loved one is interested in or has experience in there is an organization out there that needs their time and expertise. Many seniors find fulfillment working with kids or volunteering at pet shelters.


Many seniors can still enjoy taking part in sports, from watching local teams play with friends or enjoying a low-impact and beneficial sport like swimming. Water aerobics is one of the best exercises for seniors because of the group classes that are senior-centered, the low impact on joints, and the reduction of arthritis pain. Encourage your senior loved one to join the YMCA or another community-oriented gym so that they will be able to try new activities, get some healthy exercise, and make new friends.

Joining A Senior Center

If your senior loved one has not joined the local senior center yet you should encourage them to join. Belonging to a senior center will give your senior parent the chance to meet new people in the community and participate in group activities like book clubs, movie clubs, and other social groups. They can also take advantage of free or low cost exercise classes, concerts, and other fun activities. Many also organize group trips and outings that seniors really enjoy.

24-Hour Home Care

If your senior has limited mobility or doesn’t like leaving the house often 24-hour care providers can help your senior loved one with tasks around the house and with socializing. Your senior loved one’s 24-hour home care providers will make sure that your senior loved one is physically safe at home while also providing the companionship and friendship that your senior loved one needs in order to not be lonely. When your senior loved one has 24-home care providers watching out for them and hanging out with them on a regular basis you won’t have to worry about your senior parent becoming socially isolated or lonely just because they don’t go out very much.

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