The Benefits Of Having A Dog For Seniors

Pets are wonderful for seniors. During AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month you should learn more about the huge benefits that having a dog gives to seniors. There are many senior dogs in shelters around the US who need loving homes. One of them could be the perfect addition to your senior parent’s household. And if you’re worried about your senior loved one’s ability to care for a pet an elder care provider can help out and do the things that your senior loved one can’t do for the dog. Don’t let that stop you from considering getting a dog for senior parent. Some of the benefits of having a dog for seniors include:

Fight Depression

 Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Benefits of a Dog

Seniors have a high risk of depression, so anything that can help seniors manage the symptoms of depression or avoid developing depression at all is something worth considering. The bond that seniors develop with dogs is something special. It will keep your senior engaged and interested in life. And petting a dog has been shown to have physical health benefits as well we mental health benefits.

Provide Companionship

Loneliness is another big problem for seniors. Dogs are fantastic companions for seniors. Seniors who have lost a spouse or don’t get to see their friends as often as they’d like can become isolated when they are aging at home. Caring for a dog and having the companionship and love of a dog can be a social connection that will keep seniors healthy. Everyone needs someone or something to love, and dogs give that love right back to your senior loved one.

Get Seniors Moving

One of the best reasons to get your senior loved one a dog is to encourage them to move more. Study after study shows that walking and being active is one of the keys to longevity and good health for seniors. Taking a dog for a walk is the perfect motivator to get your senior loved one off the couch and outside walking. Seniors usually find that they love their daily walks as much as their dog does. And if your senior loved one isn’t in good enough physical shape to walk a dog every single day an elder care provider can walk the dog when your senior can’t. But your senior will want to walk as much as they can when they have a dog that need to go for walks.

Give Them Purpose

Often seniors report that they feel a lack of purpose in life as they get older. When they are retired from work and their families have moved away and their spouses have passed on seniors can struggle to find a reason to get out of bed each day. Having a dog gives them that reason. Seniors can feel useful, motivated, and ready to enjoy life again when they have a dog to experience it all with. Seniors also will make new friends at the dog park and walking the dog as they meet other seniors who also have dogs.

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Jamie Shapiro