The Benefits of Scrapbooking and Other Arts and Crafts

There are many reasons a senior should be doing arts and crafts. It is a way for them to be social with a group of others working on the same project or a way for them to host something new. Art impacts seniors in more than one way, allowing them to keep some form of entertainment even when they can’t move well. 

Letting your senior live alone can seem scary, but it is something that more of the older generation is leaning towards. Aging in place gives a senior the space and freedom to live however they want and work on the projects they find satisfying. If you are worried about your loved one’s age in place, it is time to hire senior home care to help them with their daily routine. 

Scrapbooking is one easy project your elderly loved one can do with or without the help of senior home care. The activities that many seniors engage in have the potential to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Simply compiling a scrapbook of happy experiences may satisfy all of these requirements. Here are a few advantages that scrapbooking may provide to an older relative or friend.

Scrapbooking Promotes Socialization

Home Care Northbrook, IL: Arts and Crafts

 Home Care Northbrook, IL: Arts and Crafts

When members of one’s family move away or are otherwise unable to visit regularly, loneliness and despair may set in for the elderly. Having your loved one participate in scrapbooking is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and create new friends. The pastime of scrapbooking may be enjoyed by friends at a senior center or library’s scrapbooking evenings. To assist your loved one meet new people, encourage them to attend the event. Scrapbooking is also a great way for you and your loved one to get to know one other better. Senior citizens have several opportunities to meet new people, including making a scrapbook with their loved ones and friends.

It Decreases Stress and Anxiety 

Psychologists looked at the impact of creating on people’s stress levels. Scrapbooking, a hobby that demands attention, has been linked to reduced anxiety and tension. Crafts, like meditation and deep breathing exercises, may help you and your loved one concentrate on the here and now and less on the difficulties and obstacles they are currently facing.

It May Help Ease Symptoms of Dementia

You may find that scrapbooking may help ease the symptoms of dementia in your loved one. The mental strain of scrapbooking helps strengthen neurons and postpone the onset of dementia. It also challenges the brain’s ability to organize and recognize patterns. Fear, rage, and frustration are all common reactions people have while they are living with dementia. When scrapbooking with a loved one, you may assist them in acknowledging their life achievements and soothe their bad feelings by asking them questions.

It Boosts Fine Motor Skills

Enhance your loved one’s hand-eye coordination and dexterity by getting them started on a scrapbook. The hands, fingers, and wrists of your loved one may be strengthened by cutting paper with scissors, removing photo-safe stickers, spreading glue, and writing by hand about their life. Scrapbooking may help your loved one recover from a stroke by strengthening their muscles and providing visual stimulation. Maintaining one’s freedom and enhancing one’s quality of life are two benefits of engaging in enjoyable, healthful activities later.

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Jamie Shapiro