Talking To A Senior Parent About Elder Care

Talking to a senior parent about elder care or home care can be difficult. Seniors who want to age in place usually want to stay at home so they can remain independent. They might not be open to the idea of having elder care at home to help them with household tasks. But they may really need some extra help to keep the household running and to keep up with chores around the house as they get older. And if you and your siblings live far away and can’t be there on a regular schedule to take care of household tasks, elder care can really help give your senior loved one a better quality of life. 

So how can you broach the subject without the conversation becoming a fight? How can you have an open and honest discussion about home care for your senior loved one and have them be open and receptive to the idea? These tips should help you have that discussion:

Get The Facts

Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Elder Care and Seniors

Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Elder Care and Seniors

Before you sit down to discuss elder care or home care with your senior parent make sure that you have all the facts. Talk to some home care agencies in your senior parent’s area to find out the cost, the availability of care providers, hours care is available, and other things that your senior parent is probably going to ask about. Your senior parent will be more likely to seriously consider the idea of elder care when you can show them all the facts about senior care where they live. 

Stress The Advantages Of Elder Care

It’s not a good idea to talk about all the things that your senior parent can’t do or point out the things that aren’t getting done around the house. If you tell your senior parent you can tell they don’t mop the floor anymore or that it’s obvious they haven’t done laundry in awhile they are probably going to shut down and not want to talk about it. Stress the advantages of elder care and all of the things that a home care provider can do for them like helping with dishes, helping to cook meals, and helping them with household chores like laundry.

See If They Are Open To A Trial Run

If  your senior parent is having trouble conceptualizing what it would be like to have home care see if they are willing to do a trial run with an elder care provider and have an elder care provider come into the home to show your senior parent how home care works. Often after seniors experience the benefits of home care for themselves they are happy to have it. 

Start Small 

If your senior parent is determined to keep their independence, suggest that you both compromise and get a home care provider to come in just one or two days each week to help with the chores and other tasks that have to get done. That way your senior loved one gets some help but also is able to maintain their independence.

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Jamie Shapiro