Simple Ways to Help Track Your Dad’s Many Medications

Like many older adults, your dad is taking multiple medications and vitamin supplements. His doctor has him taking vitamin D for bone strength. But, he’s also on beta-blockers for high blood pressure, ibuprofen for his arthritis pain, and an antidepressant for depression. He has a hard time keeping track of them all.

You want to make it easier for him to keep track of everything. What can you do to help out?

Purchase Pill Organizers

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When you stop by every week or two, fill pill organizers with the pills he takes. If he has to take things at different times of day, make sure you get organizers with varying slots for the morning, afternoon, and evening.

On the day he needs to take those pills, he has the medications already organized. He just needs to remember to take them. If that’s an issue, there are pill organizers with alarms that keep going off until he removes the pills.

Schedule Reminders on His Cellphone or Tablet

If your dad uses a cellphone or tablet, install a medication reminder app. Set up the reminders with the medications he needs to take, the dosage, and the color of the pills. He can use that information to be sure he’s gotten the correct bottles and pills.

Purchase and Install TimerCap Reminders

TimerCap makes pill bottle caps with a built-in timer that tells your dad when he last opened the pill bottle. Using a permanent marker, write how often the pills in the bottle need to be taken. If it’s one pill every 12 hours, jot that down. When the timer reaches 12 hours, your dad knows to open the bottle and take another.

Give Him a Call

If you have time, call your dad and remind him to take his medications. Have him take them while you’re on the phone together. Listen for him to drink the water and swallow. Stay on the phone with him until he’s taken all of the necessary pills.

You may be busy at work and not able to make this call. Ask others in your family to make the calls during the hours you don’t have time.

Hire Caregivers for Medication Reminders

Have you looked into medication reminders from an elderly care aide? Your dad could have a caregiver stop by his house, remind him when it’s time to take his pills, and help him with other daily chores.

Caregivers can help your dad reorder prescriptions and pick them up. If he needs to go shopping, his caregiver can bring him to the store. Call an elderly care agency to discuss pricing and learn how often to arrange elderly care services.

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Jamie Shapiro