Senior Home Care Tips on Finding Proper Seating for Seniors

Seating: Senior Home Care Buffalo Grove IL

Seating: Senior Home Care Buffalo Grove IL

When buying furniture for seniors, it is essential to consider their specific seating requirements. Seniors’ bodies undergo many changes as they get older, which means they could have different needs when it comes to seating. Senior home care professionals can help seniors and loved ones understand what seating options might be best as they navigate the changes in their life. This information is also important when seniors are in public or visiting family members.

Why is Seating Important?

Sitting for extended periods can be painful and uncomfortable for seniors, especially if they suffer from joint discomfort, stiff muscles, and other physical restrictions. Problem areas are called pressure points. Providing support to those areas with the proper seating is essential. Seniors do better when chairs have armrests and well-padded seats and backs.

What to Look for in Seating

There are a variety of factors to consider when exploring seating for seniors. It’s important to remember these tips aren’t a one size fits all scenario. Seniors with mobility issues or a specific diagnosis might need to focus on other issues in addition to the ones listed below.

Seat Depth and Height

Since seniors often have trouble getting in and out of chairs, seat depth and height are critical factors to consider. Chairs that are either too low or too deep may make it difficult for seniors to stand up or sit comfortably.

Selecting chairs that are simple to get into and out of and have seats at a comfortable height and depth is the ideal option. The perfect seat depth and height for seniors will vary depending on their size, muscle strength, and more. Typically, a 19” depth and 21” width is a good option.


Balance and stability are vital to ensuring seniors do not fall. The proper senior helps seniors feel safer. Chairs with wide bases, feet that do not slide, and strong frames are best when choosing seating for seniors.


Seniors with trouble moving around may require specialized seating, such as lift chairs, which allow them to rise up and sit down independently without assistance. Other seniors may require chairs with built-in features that make it simpler to access things they need, such as trays, cup holders, or storage compartments. This type of chair also makes it easy for seniors to stay organized in their space while still having the things they use most often nearby.

When it’s time to pick new seating for seniors, consider the tips above and comfort. Talk with loved ones and senior home care professionals about options to ensure the chosen seating with support seniors not only now but in the future.

Improved comfort and accessibility for seniors helps them feel more comfortable in their homes and continue aging in their home successfully. Additionally, when seniors visit friends or family members or are out in public, loved ones can help by selecting chairs that meet the above tips.

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