Senior Friendly Family Vacation Ideas

Senior Vacations: Home Care Highland Park IL

Senior Vacations: Home Care Highland Park IL

Family vacations are a lot of fun, but if you want to include your senior parent, you may need to adjust the type of vacation that you take. Especially if they usually have a home care provider to care for them when you’re not around. Long trips or far away destinations that include a lot of physical activities may be too much for most seniors, especially seniors who have health problems. So if you’re trying to plan a family vacation and you want to include your senior parent, consider these options.


Cruises are great for family vacations because they have something for everyone. Parents can enjoy all the shipboard activities as well as shore excursions. There’s pools, playgrounds, and more for kids on board the ship and kids also can enjoy shore excursions at various tops. Seniors have lots of options on a cruise as well including great dining, swimming, walking, and fantastic views. A cruise is a vacation designed to make everyone in the family happy and make sure that everyone gets what they need to have fun.


A fun thing to consider this year is a staycation. On a staycation you stay right where you live, or where your senior parent lives, and experience the area as if you had never been there before. Visit local tourist attractions like the museums, zoos, and aquariums. Do some shopping in the artsy part of town, or enjoy some great meals at local favorite restaurants. Staycations have a lot of benefits for families, especially families that include a senior parent.

Staycations are affordable and they allow seniors to stay in their own comfortable homes with the home care they rely on. Home care can give family caregivers the time off of caring for their senior parent that they need in order to really feel like they’re on vacation.

Beach Vacations

The beach is a great family destination if you have a senior parent that is vacationing with you. Seniors can choose to enjoy sitting in the sun and watching the water or they can swim, fish, go boating, play golf, and engage in other physical activities. There’s plenty for parents and kids to do at the beach also. Just make sure that if you choose a beach vacation, you bring plenty of sunscreen and some shade so that your senior parent isn’t sitting in the hot sun all day long. A tent or a sunshade is essential, along with lots of cool water.

A Trip Back Home

If your senior loved one hasn’t been back to their hometown in a long time, a hometown vacation could be a very special vacation for your family. It gives your senior parent the chance to revisit some very important places from their childhood while getting to share the family history with you and with your kids.

If you choose a home town vacation, make sure that you get lots of photos and videos so that your senior loved one can remember important parts of their lives when they are unable to go back to their home town because of age or because they physically can’t travel.

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