Secrets to Lowering Your Stress as a Senior

There are so many things to stress about as you get older. Bills pile up, house chores seem never-ending, and on top of it all, your body starts to do less and less. You may feel like being elderly has limited your options for how you want to live and enjoy the rest of your life. All of this can feel like an enormous amount of stress. Unfortunately, for seniors, stress can be deadly, and it is so imperative that you know how to cope with stress and limit the amount you feel. Rest assured that even when you choose to age in place, there are ways to lower your stress levels. Here are some secret tips to consider when handling senior stress.

Personal Care at Home: Lowering Senior Stress in Lake Forest, IL

Personal Care at Home: Lowering Senior Stress in Lake Forest, IL

Hire More Help Like Personal Care at Home

Thinking about hiring help can seem like something that is stressful to deal with. How do you know if you’ll like someone? Can you trust them in your home? What if you lose control over your life? These are all questions that you may ask, and a lot of them have answers that may surprise you. The truth is personal care at home caters to your wants and needs. You will never lose control, but instead, you will have someone who learns your schedule and understands your needs so you stay more independent. Every company you use to look for personal care at home will allow you to interview a person to see if they are the right fit, and each caregiver will go through a background check and screening. You can rest assured this is one of the safest options for seniors who want to age in place. Hiring personal care at home can allow you to rest and relax at the end of the day because they can help manage your household and your schedule.

Keep Practicing Self Care

Many seniors may think it’s selfish to practice self-care, but the truth is, it’s one of the best ways to lower and limit the amount of stress you feel. This can come in many forms too! You may like to take a bubble bath once a month, go and get pedicures, or spend time at the salon. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is important. Your needs and wants should be what you focus on, and when something helps you feel good, it will not only improve your mood in every aspect of life, but it will also boost your quality of life.

Create a Routine

When you age in place, it can be easy to skip a routine and do whatever you want. But when you don’t know what’s going on or you have nothing set in place, it can feel chaotic and out of control, which may impact your stress levels. Creating a routine means you have consistency, you know what’s coming up, you can prepare for it, and even your body gets used to certain habits and specific times. This doesn’t mean you can’t add in fun activities, but the base of your day should stay the same. Creating micro-habits is one of the best ways to boost happiness and limit weekly stress.


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Jamie Shapiro