Products That Help With Toileting Assistance

Your mom has a hard time with toileting as Alzheimer’s advances. You are the one that she relies on for reminders to try to use the toilet. If she forgets or doesn’t make it in time, you have to clean her up, wash her clothes, and get her into clean clothes. It’s a lot.

You’re looking at ways to get into a better routine. You work from home, so you need time to focus on your work, too. Consider adding these products to your mom’s home to assist with toileting care.

Adult Wipes

Personal Care at Home Northbrook, IL: Toileting Assistance

Adult wipes are larger than traditional baby wipes. You can use them with a disposable glove to protect your hands from bacteria while you’re helping your mom clean up after using the toilet.


Instead of investing in a complete bidet, a bidet toilet seat can help. It will wash your mom after she uses the toilet. Some also have dryers that dry her skin with warm air once the bidet has washed that area.

Elevated Toilet Seat

With some toilets, the seat is too close to the floor. That makes it harder for your mom to sit down or stand back up. An elevated toilet seat raises the height to make it easier to sit down and stand up.

If your mom’s mobility is limited, a powered toilet lift may be helpful. It lowers her to the toilet and raises her back up when she’s done.

Long-Handled Toileting Aid

There are long-handled toileting aids that hold toilet paper or wipes and help with cleanup without having to be up close. It provides a little distance, which can make your mom and you more comfortable. A push of a button releases the wipe or toilet paper into the trash or toilet.

Skin Cleansers

After cleaning your mom, you should consider no-rinse skin cleansers that kill any remaining bacteria. It’s a good way to prevent skin infections if your mom doesn’t shower often. There are also foam cleansers that foam up and are wiped away to clean the skin.

Toilet Safety Rails

While your mom is on the toilet, safety rails keep her from falling. They also give her something to hold onto while she stands up or sits down. Some elevated seats have them attached.

Hire a Professional for Toileting Assistance

When your mom needs toileting assistance, don’t think you’re the only one who can do it. Many older adults do not want their children helping out, and you might not be comfortable either. Arrange to have a personal care at home caregiver help your mom with toileting.

Personal care at home is easy to arrange. Talk to a specialist in home care and discuss your mom’s care needs. You’ll go over how often to have caregivers with her and what her caregivers can do to help.

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Jamie Shapiro