Personal Care at Home Advice for Senior Dental Check Ups

Dentist Visits: Personal Care at Home Skokie IL

Dentist Visits: Personal Care at Home Skokie IL

As Medicare and Medicaid do not always include dental care in their coverage without an add-on or out-of-pocket costs, some older adults skip seeing their dentist for routine care. A 2017 study found that only 29% of adults aged 65 or older had dental insurance. Because of this, only 65% of older adults had seen a dentist in the past year. Your mom needs to improve her oral health, but it’s been a while since she’s been to a dentist. She’s nervous and isn’t sure what to expect. Help her get prepared for her appointment with these tips or consider hiring a personal care at home professional.

Walk Through What Happens

At the dentist’s office, your mom will be taken into an exam room. If she needs x-rays, they’ll be completed. Otherwise, her hygienist will check her gum measurements, look for pockets where bacteria may collect, and start to clean her teeth.

Some practices use sonic waves and water to clean plaque, while others use traditional metal tools. If your mom needs to take a break, her hygienist will stop as the last thing they want is to turn it into a stressful experience. Once the plaque is removed, your mom’s mouth is rinsed and her teeth are polished. The dentist will come in and check her teeth and bite before she heads home.

If your mom is especially phobic about seeing the dentist, there are dental practices that specialize in dental anxiety. Choose one to help your mom feel more at ease.

She might be worried about the cost of dental care. Supplemental insurance coverage can help. It’s also better to address problems than have an infection set in and spread to her bloodstream. Many dentists will also work with your mom to make sure she can afford the treatments she needs.

Purchase Supplies That Help With Proper Oral Care

You can help your mom take better care of her teeth and gums with devices like an electric toothbrush that has an ergonomic handle and a brush head that helps remove more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. If she has a hard time flossing, look into flossing picks that help her reach farther into her mouth. A water flosser is also helpful. Her personal care at home provider can help her stay on track with a daily oral care routine.

Arrange Help With Oral Care and Hygiene

One of the issues your mom is having involves being able to floss her teeth. Arthritis makes it hard for her to hold floss properly while flossing between each tooth. She can have someone help her with brushing and flossing.

Talk to your mom about her difficulties with oral care. After that, call a personal care at home specialist to arrange grooming and hygiene help. Your mom doesn’t have to risk her teeth and gums to plaque and tartar that she is unable to remove on her own.

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