Is 24 Hour Care Right For Your Senior Parent?

Seniors have a lot of options when it comes to their living arrangements. And it’s normal for seniors and their family members to want to learn about and discuss all of those options before making a decision. One of the options that seniors and their families need to know about is 24 hour home care. With 24 hour home care seniors can continue to live at home but get the support they need to live safely and comfortably. 24 hour home care takes the worry out of aging in place for seniors because seniors won’t be alone at any time. 

24 hour home care may not be the best fit for all seniors. But it is good fit for seniors that:

Want To Be Independent

24-Hour Home Care Highland Park, IL: Seniors and 24-Hour Care

24-Hour Home Care Highland Park, IL: Seniors and 24-Hour Care

Seniors that have around the clock care are able to stay living independently for as long as they choose. With support always close by seniors are able to continue going out to lunch, shopping, running errands, going to the gym, taking classes, and visiting friends and family. When they need help with things like housework, driving, managing their medications, or getting to the doctor someone is always there to help. Seniors who value their independence and don’t want to give it up love the freedom 24 hour care gives them. 

Want To Be Close To Family

Assisted living facilities that have all the amenities seniors want may be so far from friends and family members that seniors would have a hard time getting together with the people they love for holidays, barbecues, and hangouts. Seniors who live close to their children, their friends, and neighbors they have known and cared about for a long time don’t want to leave their established neighborhoods and communities. And they don’t have to. With around the clock care seniors can stay exactly where they want to stay. 

Want To Stay In The Home They Love

Many seniors are living in homes where they have raised children or had many happy years of memories with their partner. If their partner is gone and their children have moved on seniors may not want to leave the home that has given them so many happy memories. Seniors feel closer to their spouses and children living in a house that is full of memories of the people they love. 24 hour care makes it possible for seniors to stay in the home they love. 

Want The Security Of Having Someone With Them 

It’s common for seniors to be a little anxious about living alone, especially if they have just recently lost a partner. Being alone at night can be nerve wracking for seniors. But when seniors have 24 hour home care they aren’t alone at night. There is always a trusted caregiver there to watch over them and make sure they don’t get scared or lonely at night. And if a medical emergency or weather emergency happens in the night seniors will be able to get the help that they need.

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Jamie Shapiro