How Do Senior Home Care Services Work?

Senior Home Care Glenview IL

Senior Home Care Glenview IL

Your mom’s very insistent that she gets to age at home and wants to make sure that her family is on board with her wishes. You’re holding a discussion with the whole family about the best way to make sure that happens. It’s time to bring up senior home care services and learn how they work.

Create a List of Care Needs

Your family needs to discuss the things they’ve been helping your mom complete each week. What does she need assistance with and what does she do well independently? Note the things she needs help completing.

Build a list of health issues, care needs, and whether or not she’s allowed to drive. If she has appointments, how does she get to them? Would it help her to have a caregiver available to drive her to stores, medical offices, and more?

Talk to an Advisor

Now that you have a list of services that would benefit your mom, talk to an advisor online or by phone. You’ll learn more about the availability of services, the prices, and how to get started. You’ll also get expert guidance into other services you may be overlooking.

Schedule Services

Book the senior home care services that your mom needs once you’ve narrowed down the services and prices and weighed them against your budget. You can balance family caregivers and paid caregivers and come up with a care plan that matches your mom’s needs.

Be Present on the First Day

On the first day, if you can work from your mom’s home, it can help ease her through the adjustment to having another caregiver. Stay out of the way, but make sure the caregiver can come to you if your mom is struggling to accept another person’s help. You may need to act as a moderator.

As your mom adjusts, you can start leaving her home. Work half the day in the office and see how it goes. If she hasn’t noticed you’re gone, it’s a good time to return to full days at the office.

Talk to Your Mom

After the first week, sit down and ask your mom what she thinks. What highlights has she had and what would she change if she could? The benefit of senior home care is that it can be adjusted as needed.

If she found that she wanted more hours with her caregiver, you can discuss that with the advisor. Adjust things as needed until she has an ideal care plan.

It’s Time to Get Started

Once you know what home care services will most help your mom around the house, talk to an advisor. You can arrange the senior home care services that best work for her needs and ensure she’s able to live independently without risking her security or feeling isolated.

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