How Companion Care at Home Can Help Your Dad this Easter

Easter: Companion Care at Home  Northbrook IL

Easter: Companion Care at Home  Northbrook IL

Good Friday is coming up on April 7th, which means Easter is April 9th. For many families, it’s one of the times each year that families gather for a long weekend together. You live in another state, but Easter is one of the two times per year that you visit your dad. Here are some things to keep in mind as you spend time with him this Easter.

Is He Able to Cook?

Does your dad cook his meals or is he more likely to heat a cup of ramen noodles or bake a frozen pizza? They’re not nutritious options.

He can have home-cooked meals with the help of a caregiver. His companion care at home caregiver can talk to him about the meals and snacks he wants each week. From there, they’ll build a shopping list together and go shopping.

When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver makes it and joins him at the table so that he doesn’t have to eat alone. That can be just as important as being able to cook his meals. He’ll eat more if someone is with him for the meal.

Does He Know When and How to Take His Medications?

Is your dad taking his medications on time? Does he forget to take a dose or struggle to remember if he’s taken them? If he has pills to take on an empty stomach and others that require him to take them after a meal, is he able to remember which is which?

How Clean and Organized Is His Home?

No one has a spotless home, but your dad’s home should be somewhat clean and clear of excessive clutter. Assess how clean his home is. If you’re seeing spoiled food in the refrigerator or on the counter, that’s problematic.

Is his laundry piled high or you’ve noticed his towels and sheets are stained and don’t look like they’ve been changed or washed in weeks, that’s also an issue. Ask him if he’s having a harder time keeping up with household chores and suggest ways to help him out.

He may not find it easy to do his laundry, especially if his washer and dryer are in a dimly lit basement. If it would help to have caregivers doing the laundry for him, arrange caregiver services.

Does He Still Drive?

If your dad still drives, take him out but try to make him drive. While he’s driving, assess his driving abilities. Is he stopping in time or pushing it until he’s risking a crash? Does he stay in his lane or meander? Does he fully check his blindspots, or does he rely on his car’s warning system and not bother checking his blindspots at all?

How is your dad’s eyesight? Has he been seeing his eye doctor each year? Does he have any vision impairments that limit when he should drive? If it’s time for him to give up his keys, has he considered how he’ll go to stores or make it to his appointments on time?

Companion care at home offers many of the essential services he needs to stay safe as he ages at home. Call a specialist in companion care at home to start making a care plan and schedule the services he needs the most.

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Jamie Shapiro