Home Care Assistance – 4 Things Seniors Can Do To Find Purpose

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June is National Rebuild Your Life Month, and for seniors that are feeling a little lost after retiring from their careers, it’s a great time to find new purpose. Establishing new routines can help them move into a new phase of their lives. Seniors prefer to live independently as they get older, but seniors who have just retired and are living alone may struggle because they are not sure what to do with their time. Having a sense of purpose and a reason to get up every day are very important for good mental health. Some things that seniors can do to find new purpose after they retire are:

Try Out An Old Hobby

Many seniors gave up their hobbies when it was time to go to work and support their family. But those old interests are still there, and now seniors have the time to pursue them. Now is a great time for seniors to relearn a hobby they loved when they were younger but had to give up because of other obligations. Maybe your senior parent used to love to dance, or spent their free time sewing, or maybe they liked to paint. Seniors who had to abandon an activity they loved long ago can try it again now to see if it still makes them happy.

Try Out A New Hobby

If your senior parent didn’t have any hobbies when they were younger or if the hobbies they enjoyed back then are not something they can do anymore a great alternative is to try something new. Maybe your senior parent always wanted to write a novel, or compose music, or start woodworking. Now is a fantastic time for your senior parent to try a new hobby and see what kinds of activities they like to do now. Home care assistance can help seniors manage home chores like laundry and cleaning and they can help seniors shop for supplies and do other things that are necessary for them to pursue a new hobby.


Volunteer work is fantastic for seniors. Volunteer work provides a sense of purpose and some very important socialization. Seniors who aren’t driving anymore can use public transportation to get to a volunteer opportunity or have a home care assistance provider drive them where they need to go. There are many organizations locally and nationally that rely on volunteers so anything that your senior parent is interested in there’s probably a group they can volunteer for that does that.

Take A Class

Seniors can also take classes to learn something new, try a new sport, or get the degree they never had time to get before. Classes give seniors the structure and focus they may need to rebuild their lives after losing their routine and daily schedule after retirement. Your senior parent could find that they love to play the piano, learn math, or they may want to teach classes themselves. The local community college or senior center should have listings of classes that are suitable for seniors.

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Jamie Shapiro