Fun Hobbies For Seniors to Try This Year

January is National Hobby Month and it’s the best time of the year for seniors to find some new hobbies that they want to try. Seniors need to stay active physically and mentally to be healthy and hobbies can be a big part of good health. Many seniors struggle after they retire because they are not sure what to do with their time. Often they have spent so many years focusing on working and raising a family that they never took the time to figure out what they like to do. Now is the time for seniors to figure out what they want to learn or what they are passionate about. And hobbies are a great way for seniors to stay physically and mentally fit too. Some popular hobbies that seniors might to try this year include:


Companion Care in Northbrook, IL: Fun Hobbies

Companion Care in Northbrook, IL: Fun Hobbies

Golf is a fantastic hobby for seniors. It’s physical exercise because seniors are walking, stretching, and strengthening their core as they play. But it’s also social because they are interacting with others and playing a game. And because golf isn’t too difficult physically seniors can play even if they have some health challenges that make other sports difficult. Now is the time for beginners to start practicing their golf swings and learning more about the game so that when the weather gets nice in the spring seniors can go out and start playing. Virtual games and tools can help seniors start working on their swing now. 

Brain Game And Puzzles

Brain games and puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku can help seniors maintain their cognitive skills and give them something interesting to do during the day. Seniors who have companion care at home can work on challenges and play board games or games like chess with their companion. Companion care at home also means that seniors will have someone to take them shopping for new books and games when they are tired of the books and games that they have already. 

Making Things

Making things with their hands is fantastic for seniors. Studies have shown that the process  of physically making things can help reduce stress, engage the brain, and help prevent cognitive decline. It doesn’t matter what seniors are making because the benefits are the same. Your senior parent may want to try a craft like sewing, crocheting, or knitting. Or they may want to try making art like painting or sculpting. Making soaps and lotions is another popular craft that many seniors like. 

Learning An Instrument

Learning to play music is one of the best things that seniors can do to keep their brains sharp. If your senior loved one used to play an instrument but hasn’t in many years or has always wanted to learn how to play they should absolutely learn to play or pick up an instrument they used to play. Just 30 minutes of reading and making music a few times a week can significantly increase the chances that your senior loved one won’t experience as much cognitive decline as other seniors.

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Jamie Shapiro