Four Tips to Make Getting Out of the House with Your Senior Easier

One problem that you might not anticipate as your senior’s caregiver is that you and she might start to feel a bit penned in after a while. If she doesn’t go many places and you feel that you have to stay put, too, you can both benefit from a change of pace.

Ask Your Senior What She Wants to Do

Caregiver Deerfield, IL: Outings With Your Senior

Caregiver Deerfield, IL: Outings With Your Senior

Talk to your elderly family member about where she might want to go for an outing. She might have some ideas that you didn’t think of that are completely within the bounds of something you can do together. If you and she are up for it, start brainstorming a list of different ideas that you can try together for future trips.

Make Some Lists of What You Need if You Leave the House

Once you know what you’re going to do and what the plans are, you need to make sure you have what you and your senior will need while you’re out. If she’ll need medications or specific foods, those need to be on the list. A list is going to give you a chance to check off each item as you pack it so that you know you’re not forgetting anything. Eventually after you do this more often, you might not need a written list. For now, it’s key.

Grab a Bag and Start Putting Necessities into It

Depending on what your senior and you need to have with you on your outing, you might need a larger bag than one that you typically carry. Double check your list and make sure that once it’s packed, the bag is one that you are able to carry easily. You might even want two bags, depending on how important some items are. Snacks, incontinence supplies, and glucose testing supplies might go in a smaller bag you carry with you while a change of clothes and other large items stay in a bag in the car that you only grab if you need it.

Can You Bring Anybody with You?

It might be a really good idea to find out if there is anyone who can come with you on your outing, especially if your elderly family member has mobility concerns or other big needs. Other family members or even elder care providers could be the answer for you. This can make the trip a more comfortable one for both you and your senior.

Taking outings regularly can help both you and your senior to avoid getting that feeling of cabin fever that can be incredibly frustrating. Just because your senior is getting older and life is a little more complicated, that doesn’t mean she has to be stuck at home.


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Jamie Shapiro