When bathing is difficult or flat-out dangerous for your senior, she may resist the idea. That can lead to other health issues and bigger difficulties. So, how can you help to ensure your senior bathes safely?

Assess Whether the Bathroom Needs Adjustments

Home Care in Wilmette, IL: Seniors and Bathing

If bathing has gotten to be an issue for your senior, you need to take some time and check to see what can be adjusted in the bathroom itself. Does the tub or shower stall need handrails? Would a shower chair make the bathing experience easier for your senior? Figure out whether there are small or even large changes you can make that would help her to feel safer or more secure bathing in that space.

Do Regular Bathroom Safety Checks

Once you do have a handle on what isn’t as safe for your senior in the bathroom, you’re going to need to keep up with it all. The easiest way to do that is by doing regular safety checks in the bathroom. Your senior’s needs are going to change gradually over time and situations that may be okay today may not be okay a few months or a year down the road. When you’re regularly looking for those issues, you can correct them as they pop up.

Look for Ways to Make Bathing Special

Bathing is a routine task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or clinical. Look for ways to help your senior to feel special about bathing, especially if she needs help to bathe safely. This might involve finding luxurious shampoos, soaps, and after-shower lotions that help your senior to feel pampered. Or it might involve lighting a special candle for baths or using a particular bubble bath that she loves. There are simple ways to make the experience wonderful for your senior.

Talk to Your Senior

Talk through any other issues you’re noticing with your senior. She may feel embarrassed to talk about the fact that bathing doesn’t feel safe anymore. Or she may know that she needs help, but she’s not sure if she is okay with you helping her. This may be a perfect time to talk about bringing in home care providers to help out with personal care tasks.

Bathing is such a personal event but having help can help your senior to feel more comfortable and secure, which is definitely something that you want for her as someone who cares about her.


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