Four Robotic Household Devices That Get the Job Done

Getting older can make it harder to get household chores done. Arthritis pain may make it hard to bend or squat for more than a few seconds. Vision changes may impact how well you see into dimly lit corners.

Helping your parents keep their house cleaned may be challenging when you have your own home and household responsibilities. A full-time job limits the amount of time you have to help out during the week. With the changes to technology, there are devices out there that can help with routine cleaning and yard work. Check them out.

#1 – Robotic Vacuum

Elder Care Lake Forest, IL: Four Robotic Household Devices That Get the Job Done

A robotic vacuum is one of the first robotic devices to become readily available. Things like the Roomba have a recharging stand where it sits out of the way until it’s needed. Select a schedule for it to follow or pick and choose when you want it to vacuum.

The vacuum leaves its port and travels around the floor vacuuming every inch. They’re not foolproof. There have been cases of the vacuum closing a door accidentally and getting trapped in a room, but that’s an easy fix.

#2 – Robotic Mop

Mopping is a tedious chore. It’s hard on the back as you move around a bucket or push the mop back and forth over the floor. A robotic mop does this for you. Like the robotic vacuum, it goes over the floor.

Add the cleaning solution to the tank, press the button, and the robotic mop does all the work. It sprays the cleaner, scrubs messes, and cleans it up with the pad. What’s left is a clean floor that you didn’t have to spend half an hour doing yourself.

#3 – Robotic Window Cleaner

While it may not be useful if your house has traditional windows, homes with floor-to-ceiling windows benefit from this robotic cleaning tool. Fill the container with your window cleaner of choice and set the machine against the window glass. Suction holds it to the glass as it moves around spraying the solution and buffing the windows clean with a microfiber cloth.

#4 – Robotic Lawn Mower

Like the robotic vacuum, a robotic lawnmower takes care of the grass for you. Sensors or underground wiring let the mower know where the property lines are. Once that’s set, you set it to mow as needed or on a regular basis. It mows the lawn without your parents having to follow it around. When it’s done, it returns to the charging base.

The other way to ensure things get down inside your parents’ home is by hiring elder care services. Caregivers can do the laundry, clean the floors, wipe down counters, and put away clean dishes. At the same time, they provide companionship. Call an elder care agency to discuss the full range of home care services available to your mom or dad.


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Jamie Shapiro