Four Reasons to Keep Looking for Safety Issues

Keeping tabs on safety concerns is an ongoing situation for you as a caregiver. There may be a variety of different types of safety issues you’ll be looking for specifically, but the act of performing safety checks is continual. Here’s why that’s so important when it comes to taking care of your senior. 

Safety and Comfort Coexist 

Elder Care Northbrook, IL: Safety Concerns

The biggest reason to keep checking for safety concerns may be that you want your senior to be comfortable. Comfort and safety really do work together to help your elderly family member to get what she needs from her situation at home. These two aspects of life feed into each other and help your elderly family member to have more stability at home. 

Your Senior May Be Better Able to Maintain Her Independence 

When you’re checking frequently on your senior’s safety at home, you may worry that you’re cutting into her independence. But the reverse is actually trueYou’re helping her to remain as independent as possible by ensuring that her current situation is as safe as it can be. Adjusting anything that isn’t safe enables her to stay right where she is, with those modifications in place. 

Clearing up Safety Concerns Protects Your Senior’s Mobility 

If your elderly family member is using assistive devices, like a cane, her mobility may already be hindered. Safety concerns, like clutter, make using her cane more difficult and possibly even dangerous. Even if your elderly family member doesn’t use a cane now, injuries or other difficulties can cause her to be less safe at home. Adding a grab bar now gives her something she can use to maintain her mobility. 

She’ll Feel More Secure Overall 

Your senior’s overall security ties in with her comfort as well as her safety. When she knows that you’re watching out for her, she’s going to know also that things are under control. That can help her to let go of any control issues she might still be experiencing. All of that can help her to feel less anxious overall, both about what you’re doing and how she’s able to move through life. 

Keeping constant tabs on safety issues is a lot easier with help. Elder care providers are trained to spot possible safety issues and they know what to bring to your attention. They can also help your elderly family member with daily tasks that might be getting more difficult for her to handle on her own. 


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Jamie Shapiro