Many people find that arthritis pain eventually becomes so severe that it can interfere with daily life. Without help, your elderly family member may feel frustrated and even hopeless.

Helping Her to Eat Healthy, Nutritious Meals Regularly

Senior Care Buffalo Grove, IL: Arthritis and Seniors

When pain, including pain from arthritis, is in charge, it’s probably difficult for your elderly family member to be too excited about eating. It can also be difficult, if not impossible, for her to be able to cook healthy meals on her own. Having senior care providers take over meal preparation tasks for her can ensure she’s eating food that fuels her body without having to struggle to make that happen.

Assisting with Running Errands and Getting to Appointments

Pain also can take your senior out of the driver’s seat. That doesn’t mean that she has no errands to run and no appointments to get to, however. It’s vital that your senior has a safe way to get where she needs to go, no matter where that is. Senior care providers can handle the driving for her and be excellent companions while she’s out and about.

Assisting with Mobility and Exercise

Arthritis can be painful and it can also cause your senior to lose strength and range of motion, particularly when she’s in the most pain. Exercise can help your elderly family member to reduce her pain levels and can help her to maintain muscle tone and improve range of motion. Remembering to do those exercises might not be easy, though, and senior care providers can remind your senior what she needs to do while also ensuring she’s safe while exercising.

Handling Chores and Tasks That are Too Difficult

There may be days when your aging family member just can’t do the things that she used to do, especially around her home. That doesn’t mean that those tasks can just go uncompleted, though. That’s especially true when you’re talking about tasks like laundry, dishes, and light housekeeping tasks. These chores keep your senior safe and ensure she’s in a hygienic environment, too.

Helping with Personal Care Tasks

But it isn’t just household tasks that become more difficult. During an arthritis flare, your senior might find it difficult to get dressed, to bathe herself, and handle other personal care tasks. Senior care providers have experience helping with all of these different activities, without making your senior feel awkward about it.

Even when arthritis is at its worst, your aging family member can have the quality of life that she wants with the help of senior care services, especially if she’s aging in place.

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