Five Senior Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

Winter weather gives your senior’s skin a tough time. These ideas can help you to keep her skin soft and smooth without overwhelming it with heavy lotions she might not need.

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Consider a Humidifier.

Winter skin is often dry and irritated, so you have to add moisture back to it. One reason for this, besides the cold temperatures outside, is that the heat is constantly running. A humidifier really helps to put much-needed moisture back in the air and then back in your senior’s skin. Make sure that she’s drinking plenty of fluids, too.

Wash Linens and Blankets Often.

Linens and blankets can sometimes build up bacteria from skin cells that shed. If your senior’s skin is already irritated, that bacteria can create some skin issues for her as it builds up. Fresh linens and blankets aren’t just cozy; they’re also a little less likely to create issues. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with an increased laundry load, elder care providers can help out.

Avoid Water That Is Too Hot.

Bath water and water your senior washes her hands in that is too hot can actually take moisture out of your senior’s skin. The water may feel great at first, but the drying effects rarely feel so good. One solution is to consciously use water that is just a little bit cooler than usual.

Pat Skin Dry After Bathing.

Your senior’s skin gets more sensitive as she ages. Encourage her to gently pat her skin dry when she gets out of the tub or shower. If you or elder care providers are helping her to bathe, pay close attention to not rubbing her skin. The less her skin is irritated, the more likely it will be to hold up better to the challenges of winter.

Use Light Moisturizers.

Thick moisturizers might seem like a good idea for your senior’s skin, but sometimes these just sit on top of her skin and make it feel tacky. Lighter moisturizers can absorb more easily and can therefore actually do some good for her skin. Try to make sure that they don’t have heavy fragrances or other ingredients that could be irritating.

The good news about really cold weather is that it does warm up again eventually. Until then, you’ve got the tools and the techniques you need to help keep your senior’s skin as healthy and nourished as you can.

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Jamie Shapiro