Fall Ideas for Your Senior this September

Summer is quickly ending, and with it comes the cold refreshing air of the fall. This is when your elderly loved one needs to start bundling up to enjoy outside time. You may be wondering what you can do with your senior this September, and luckily there are tons of fall activities your senior can enjoy with you and the family. 


Even if you’re not around or close by, some of these activities are things that elder care can take a senior to. If your senior isn’t driving, that is okay; the right elder care provider can help them get to and from activities. Here are a few things your elderly loved one may enjoy doing this September. 

Fall Themes Coloring Pages

Elder Care Lake Forest, IL: Fall Activities

Elder Care Lake Forest, IL: Fall Activities

Coloring is not just for kids, and it can be really soothing for anyone to start doing. This is a chance for your senior to sit out with some tea and color a themed page. It’s good for seniors who have dementia and need something easy to do, or it’s good for seniors who just need something to keep busy. You can find coloring books with Autumn themes, pumpkins, or even fall time animals. 

Make Decorations Together

One thing you should always do for your senior mom or dad is visiting them. If you are thinking of an activity, think about creating fall decorations. You can bring your kids and teach them how to make pumpkins out of string, paper, and cinnamon sticks. Or something easier from a kit you buy online. 

Bring a Puzzle Over

Seniors are more sensitive to temperatures than you may be. That’s okay; there are tons of things to do inside that will keep a senior toasty during the fall. One of those activities is a puzzle! You can find fall-themed or even Halloween-themed puzzles to do together. If your senior has the space, try out a 5,000-piece spooky puzzle!

Make Homemade Treats

If your senior loves to bake, it’s time to make homemade spooky treats. Start with rice crispies in the shape of little ghosts or cookies in the shape of witches’ hats. If your senior isn’t in the Halloween mood, that’s okay; there are tons of other options. Like maple cookies in the shapes of leaves or anything else that reminds them of fall. 

Get Outside Together

Even if you only want to take your senior to the park, the fall is a great time for short walks. Not all seniors appreciate the heat of the summer sun, and it can cause them to feel dehydrated. September and the beginning of fall is the best time of year to bundle up and not become overheated. It’s not too hot and not too cold, making it the perfect temperature to take a walk. 

Go, Blueberry Picking

Maybe your senior doesn’t want to go to the park because there are no bathrooms or there are too many kids. This is understandable, but it’s still crucial to get outside every once in a while. A good alternative is to go blueberry picking. Some places may still be open for blueberry picking at the beginning of September, and you will know the kids are back in school! This is the perfect chance to get the last batch of blueberries with your senior.

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Jamie Shapiro