Do You Suspect Hearing Loss in Your Elderly Relative?

Most people never think much about their hearing until something happens to it. That includes aging adults dealing with hearing loss. As one of the more common conditions in old age, elderly adults have a lot of treatment options once the condition is diagnosed. However, too many seniors delay seeing a doctor about their hearing loss due to denial, pride or embarrassment.

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Hearing Loss

Home Care in Deerfield IL: Hearing Loss

Family caregivers, friends, and senior care providers should recognize the signs of hearing loss so they can encourage elderly adults to get help.

What Causes Hearing Loss in Seniors?

There are several factors that could cause hearing loss in elderly adults, including illness, injury, or simply old age. Certain health issues in the ear like vestibular neuritis, Meniere’s disease, otitis and reoccurring ear infections can all damage an ear, preventing it from sending signals to the brain.

Those who have spent their lives in extremely loud work situations without the benefit of ear protection can also encounter a lifetime of abuse, causing hearing loss. In most cases, however, hearing loss simply happens due to age and damaged nerves over a lifetime. The hearing loss is usually not sudden but takes place over many years.

Recognizing Hearing Loss in Aging Adults.

Because hearing loss is so gradual, many elderly adults don’t realize they have a problem. In many cases, elderly adults try to cover up hearing loss because they don’t want to deal with it. Family caregivers, friends, and senior care providers must be on the lookout for symptoms of hearing loss.

Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss in aging adults include turning up the television to loud levels, ignoring others in the room, withdrawing from social situations, complaints about people mumbling, asking people to repeat themselves, and focusing on people’s mouths when they are speaking. Family caregivers should try to compare notes with other family members and senior care providers to get an accurate picture of their aging relative’s hearing loss.

Treatments for Hearing Loss in Seniors.

Treating hearing loss depends on many factors, based on the cause of the condition and whether it is mild or severe. Doctors will then usually use a combination of medicines, hearing aids, and sometimes surgery to repair what damage they can. Seniors will also work with audiologists who specialize in hearing issues and old age.

Family caregivers and senior care providers can help elderly adults create a wonderful life after the hearing loss diagnosis. Personal communication is so important to mental health and wellness, so everyone needs to make extra effort to be inclusive, patient, and supportive.

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