Do You Have a Plan for Respite Time?

Respite might sound like something that you can just do whenever without a plan, but it’s much more effective when you’ve prepared. In fact, respite taken regularly can help you to make better plans because you’re rested.

Don’t Leave Your Senior Out

Elder Care Lake Forest, IL: Respite Time

Lots of times caregivers focus on respite as something that only affects the caregiver. But this is something that affects your senior, too. Keeping her involved allows her to know what you’re doing and why. If you leave her out, she’s more likely to feel as if you’re trying to get away from her when that’s not what this is about.

Determine What Will Work for You
There are so many different forms of respite. You might need only a few hours here and there. Or you might be in a situation where you need a good bit more time away. It helps to do a little bit of thinking and planning beforehand so that you understand what is going to help you the most. That’s going to allow you to make better decisions.

Get Organized Before Turning Things Over
If you’re feeling disorganized before you hand everything over to someone else, that feeling isn’t going to get better. You need to make sure your ducks are in a row, or at least in the same pond, before you hand over the reins to someone else. Take a minute to noodle through what your senior might need, what information might be helpful, and anything else that might be good to include. You’ll feel more relaxed when you are away.

How Are You Really Feeling?
Take a minute to check in with your emotions. Are you scared about taking time away? Are you excited? There aren’t any wrong or bad feelings here, but it can help to explore what you’re experiencing. That can help you to see if there’s something else you can do to make the experience a positive one.

Respite Care Is a Good Thing
Some family members might try to clip your wings when it comes to respite time. But it’s important to remember that respite is a good thing, it’s an important thing, and it can be vital to your self-care. Keep in mind that this is going to help you to be a better caregiver and remain positive.

Respite care is something you absolutely need but might not be planning for properly. Take the time to make sure you’re getting the help that you need from elder care services. They can ensure your senior is safe and happy while you’re gone and that your time away is uninterrupted.

Excerpt: Planning for respite care can help you to keep it a priority.


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Jamie Shapiro